It’s Monday, What are You Reading? 2/04/19

Happy Monday! This week is going to be a slow reading week since I’m still trying to play catchup from the previous weeks.

What do you plan to read this week?

You’d Be Mine- Erin Hahn

36146624    Annie Mathers is America’s sweetheart and heir to a country music legacy full of all the things her Gran warned her about. Superstar Clay Coolidge is most definitely going to end up one of those things.

But unfortunately for Clay, if he can’t convince Annie to join his summer tour, his music label is going to drop him. That’s what happens when your bad boy image turns into bad boy reality. Annie has been avoiding the spotlight after her parents’ tragic death, except on her skyrocketing YouTube channel. Clay’s label wants to land Annie, and Clay has to make it happen.

Swayed by Clay’s undeniable charm and good looks, Annie and her band agree to join the tour. From the start fans want them to be more than just tour mates, and Annie and Clay can’t help but wonder if the fans are right. But if there’s one part of fame Annie wants nothing to do with, it’s a high-profile relationship. She had a front row seat to her parents’ volatile marriage and isn’t interested in repeating history. If only she could convince her heart that Clay, with his painful past and head over heels inducing tenor, isn’t worth the risk.


The Beauty of the Moment- Tanaz Bhathena

35526671     Susan is the new girl—she’s sharp and driven, and strives to meet her parents’ expectations of excellence. Malcolm is the bad boy—he started raising hell at age fifteen, after his mom died of cancer, and has had a reputation ever since.

Susan’s parents are on the verge of divorce. Malcolm’s dad is a known adulterer.

Susan hasn’t told anyone, but she wants to be an artist. Malcolm doesn’t know what he wants—until he meets her.

Love is messy and families are messier, but in spite of their burdens, Susan and Malcolm fall for each other. The ways they drift apart and come back together are testaments to family, culture, and being true to who you are.


Happy Reading!



Goodreads Monday

(Featured Photo is not my own)

There are so many amazing books out there and I know that as much as we may try, we can’t read them all.
This feature is to honor those books that we thought sounded good, but never actually got around to reading them.

This week I’m choosing something that has been on my tbr since 2014. The book I choose is Plus One by Elizabeth Fama. Have any of you book-lovers read this? If so, did you enjoy it?

 plus one      A dying wish. A family divided. A love that defies the law.

Sol Le Coeur is a Smudge–a night dweller in an America rigidly divided between people who wake, live, and work during the hours of darkness and those known as Rays, who live and work during daylight. Impulsive, passionate, and brave, Sol concocts a plan to kidnap her newborn niece–a Ray–in order to bring the baby to visit her dying grandfather. Sol’s violation of the day/night curfew is already a serious crime, but when her kidnap attempt goes awry, she stumbles on a government conspiracy to manipulate the Smudge population. Sol escapes the authorities with an unexpected ally: a Ray who gets in her way, a boy she might have hated if fate hadn’t forced them on the run together–a boy the world now tells her she can’t love.

Set in a vivid alternate reality and peopled with complex, deeply human characters on both sides of the day/night divide, Elizabeth Fama’s Plus One is a brilliantly imagined drama of individual liberty and civil rights, and a fast-paced romantic adventure story.



Universal Harvester- John Darnielle

It’s so easy to be pulled in and hooked by this book just by looking at the spectacular cover and reading the even weirder synopsis. Leads you to a discomfort in your life that needs answers. 

Being an avid collector of vhs tapes from times past, you always wonder if someone taped over what you actually bought or who else thought similar thoughts while taking your treasures up to the counter.

The cover stands high and mighty on its own. The swirls of the colors and the images are enticing and beautiful. It makes you want to hold it in your hands. 

Small town Nevada, Iowa sits a tiny little video store. Inside is shelfs of vhs tapes that might never be checked out. Sitting at the counter is Jeremy. 

As a teen, he lost his mom in a car accident and he lived his years with his dad. They don’t ever talk about it and just live life with one another.

On a day like any other, someone complained about something being off about the vhs tape. As more and more days come and go, more people are saying the same things.

Some of the tapes split into something sinister, something that makes his blood run cold and fills his life with sleep draining dread. Then all goes back to normal. 

Lisa Sample is a single woman who tragically lost her mother when she was very young. One day she woke up and she was gone. Mom was lost in the clutches of a religious cult. She started spending more and more time at church and started eating less, Mom was obsessed with this leader. Lisa needs answers and tries to find them. 

Jeremy and Sarah are on the hunt for clues and answers to their soul churning questions. 

This was one strange and bizarre book. After reading some of those scenes about the spliced tapes, you feel that you have something crawling on your skin that you can’t get off. The bizarreness and the unknown make you feel instant discomfort. 

I kind of got the feeling that he wants you to remember the goodness of your family. To capture every moment and never forget. 

With new technology it gets even harder to view a past we all sorely forget.

I would of liked this alittle more if I fully grasped what I was reading and understood what was being thrown my way. 

It’s a book I would reread without distractions from all around. Good read for a cold wintry day.

Received a finished copy of the book from the publisher!! Thanks so much!!! ♡♡