Book haul 

So over the weekend technically was Monday I went to NYC with some book friends after having the weekend off and was on vacation and did a roller coaster trip. But went to the city with few friends a few met from NYC signings other from bookcon app but we decided to hit bookoff a thrift store in NYC Thats amazing for discounted books and here was my haul 

Before that was the strand and I behaved nicely there and barns and nobles Union square where if ever in NYC go there. Since YA section is unbeatable. But my total purchase for the thrifting was a total of 13 dollars so I’d call that a win. 

One of us is lying by Karen M. McManus

Publishing house: Delacorte press a imprint of penguin teen

Publishing date: May 30th 2017

Cover rating: 5 stars it’s has good amount get idea what characters look like but still leaves facial features so you can decide how they look.

This book is about 5 students end up in detention 1 is Simon the weird kid who has a gossip blog and not many people like him. Then have the know it all bronwyn, addy the beauty queen and little miss popular, Nate the drug seller of the school & last but not least Cooper the all star pitcher. Just at the end one will not come out alive. That’s what this story is about and trying figure out the case and which one of these people is the killer. To start this book has been sitting on my case for awhile now but Kelpt eyeing it like i did for Rosemarked and fireblood but finally decided to try it out after some friends enjoyed it. I can see why some did since I was saying to Stacy I’m at 308 I’m still fudging stumped who the killer is and book is only 352 pages. Sadly though I’m not one of people who did enjoy it. Felt it was dragging for me only reason I finished I really wanted to know who the killer was and boy was I wrong. Things I liked were this book added some contemporary to it and the book did feel like the breakfast club at parts that’s some of the words used to describe this book. So overall if want a mystery that’s hard to solve but isn’t always the Main part of the book this is for you and feel more will like it than me. 3.5/5 ~~~~~JUSTIN 

July wrap up

So for the month of July I did pretty outstanding on reading a ton of books which I did 10 I’ll start from start of month till last read.

1.eliza and her monsters

This book is the book my friends and just all said amazing things for contemporary readers & if you had social anxiety/ introvert it was for you. 

2.ringer by Lauren Oliver

This book I was sooo looking forward to after reading replica last year. While replica was boring on lyra’s side this one hit its mark

3.the geeks guide to unrequited love

When started this I was seriously in a need for a contemporary and after much thought finally decided on this. It’s very cute like what if can happen if trying make comic con perfect and at same time wanting to date your best friend for like forever only thing I didn’t like its ending 

4.dreadful take of prosperous Redding by Alexandra bracken 

Going into this one I was looking foward to just was unsure if I would after passenger series I disliked but loved the darkest minds but I ended up loving this and it’s amazing read for fall and Halloween and highly suggest it. 

5.prince In disguise 

Going into this book it sounded cute all ready minus the reality tv part. But oh my god it was soooo fluffy cute!!!  I loved it for the most part minus one thing 

6.warcross by Marie lu

This game *ahem* mean book was very good and this was my first ever book by her. But highly suggest and gamers should love it.

7.spells and sorcery

Going into this book was finally feeling more of another dose of wanting fall so what better way then going with witches :). This book was mostly training but big time witchy element so I look forward to book 2. 

Phew seems like taking forever I read a ton!!!

8. & 9.gunslinger girl & greetings from witness protection

I did these together since photo is of both of them. But gunslinger girl was way western style than I thought and felt more like a carnival book Instead. But overall was ok but wanted more gun action. And greetings from witsec was ok. I give it a pass since was middle grade but I haven’t read a book about someone in witness protection since zach’s lie and read it back in 6th grade and loved it. So if want stories from middle grade and friendship I say this book is for you.

At last my last book read in July also witness protection. Was 10. rules for disappearing.

My second witsec book and I enjoyed this one a lot more since there was a lot more fear and confusion going on and on top of that the guy for mc’s love interest was down right amazing.

So my fav few reads of this month have to say 1. Prince in disguise #2. Alexandra brackens new book #3 warcross #4the geeks guide unrequited love #eliza and her monsters and last rules for disappearing 

Warcross by Marie lu 

As can see this was my first beach day of the year and I started this book right at the beach. But this book is about a girl named emika where about have no money and dealing with eviction notice. To make ends meet she hunts people who made bets on the insanely world famous game called warcross since your not supposed to and this game has changed the world since it’s everything people do. You can walk down the stores and see people with like virtual pets clothing crazy avatars and this is normal life.  But besides being an ok bounty hunter she is a great hacker. And last night before she is being evicted is the start of tournament for the Great Warcross players. And some items in it are sooo rare and if she can sell the items she could instantly buy her debt only way is if she hacks the system or find a glitch. Which being the tourney system going to be so hard. Well she finds a glitch and gets the item instead of disappearing she is transported to the games and be canes instant sensation. Suddenly from no one to being invited to be a player in the games, sorry not greatest explanation for the book.  But this was my first Marie lu book and gotta say I really really fun read Marie explains her world very well while still making it interesting but takes awhile near 100 pages. But this is a mix of pop culture and gaming was really cool and I feel my gaming friends would enjoy this book. I don’t want to say much more but I can’t wait for book 2 since its plot twist was crazy did not see coming and heard Marie is very known for this and sorry bad review. One of more fun stories Iv read 5/5 stars 

The dreadful tale of prosper Redding by Alexandra bracken

Going into this book I was excited since its Alexandra Dang bracken even though I disliked with a extreme passenger which only read second since was a dualogy but thanks to darkest minds still Alex is a instant read for me. But going in I’m finally getting ready for fall so been reading fall books and this was the start. But this book is about a kid prosper who hasn’t had such a great life what ever he does just frowned upon of extremely disliked in his town that his family started years and years ago. You would think he would be a celebrity but Nooe really disliked.why does his family hate him is because years ago his family made a deal with a fiend or in my mind one of the devils of the underworld and that deal was if they received all this good luck and fortune but come certain year he will come for like your soul or something well the family finds out a way to kill/ trap the fiend. You learn they failed and one bloodline of someone goes away he will be back well he ends up in the mind and body of prosper. And is trying come back alive to take revenge for the family ooooo in ghostly voice. But yea I soooo enjoyed this Alex makes the perfect world right in perfect for fall and it’s middle grade but to show friendship in ways don’t expect I loved. In all else that’s the biggest. Plus the cliff hanger for this book was sooo bad but sooo good I’m dieing for book 2 and this book has became a book I’ll read for many years. 5/5 stars. ~~~JUSTIN 

Contemporary authors signing

Another adventure of a book signing one of many more to come. But day started out late near 12 pm getting up was unsure if I was going to go since wasn’t feeling well and has stayed over a friends house overnight about hour and half where the signing was. Heading back I was heading home I had about 45 mins to see if I was able get better which I did. So headed to barns and nobles Bensalem pa for Jennifer e smith and Sarah Mlynowski who is the author of today’s launch and her book is called I see London, I see France. So finally get to the b&n near 2pm chilling and reading for 10 mins then text my friend Jen if going as well. But needed to be picked up which even though just was there jenn is 10 mins away so get her and go walking around the mall eat food. Just as heading back to the book store in the mall guess who we pass take a guess? Yup your right Jen and Sarah authors of the event later in the day. Which was only 3 pm so many hours to kill. The joke running for bumping into them is. For 30 seconds before going up to the authors was Jen and I were argueing in a good way I’m like that’s the authors for tonight. She is like Uhhh ahh nope it isn’t. And I said fine I’ll go ask. She didn’t want me do that but still did anyways so goo up. I’m like umm I’m not trying to be awkward but it is X) but is your name Jennifer. Jennifer: yes. Me: is it e smith and she said yup. So I’m like cool look forward to her and Sarah’s signing who was with. And they explained checking out a mall they haven’t done that in years together. But didn’t stay long to give peace. So next 3 hours we killed just in b&n sitting and being bored. Finally time of signing as almost became Jen got sick and headed home :(. Finally authors came out 

They had a fun chat helping a lot more to writer questions and queuing for agent. And my question was 2 for me was how they liked there cover one which Jennifer said loved old covers and Sarah said loved her cover to her book since relates to the book. My other question I asked is what upcoming contemporary ya novels would you suggest and Sarah said genuine fraud by e Lockhart. Which I have so I’ll try it one day and they added on books out now they loved was when dimple met rushi. After was finally signing which I had amazing time with Jen since we chatted yallfest since that’s where first met her last year and had the arc of windfall at the signing. So was great meeting her and sooo excited was able to get the magnetic book fridge magnet for windfall. With Sarah I said thank you but not much discussion 

After that called it a night. I come home to find I either dropped my book out of my bag or I left it at the book store 😭😭 so gotta call for a Jennifer e smith book personalized to me so hope I find it or 11 bucks down the drain 😭😭.