Author Spotlight: Monica Murphy

Just like Stacy, I had read one week girlfriend. This book is good but by far one of the darkest contemporary romance reads we have ever read. But it’s a series, so I have to read more. This author has written more books that I’m sure I’ll check out. She is a New York Times Bestselling author and we can see why. Her books grab you from the start and you’ll still be thinking about them months after you have finished them. Some books (by some we mean all) we want to check out by her down the line she has written are fair game, never tear us apart (Stacy owns), crave and out in November is saving it


It’s our honor to announce Monica Murphy is our Spotlight Author of the week.





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Renagades by Marissa Meyer

Ahh yes finally a new book by MM Iv been waiting for this for awhile since it wasn’t Alice in wonderland.  So it’s even more of a wait after binging cinder series the first tine a few years ago and then few weeks ago the whole series in a week. But for MM first novel that wasn’t a retelling this book was very good and interesting. But before jump to that this book is about a girl  (nova) who is a Villian who is seeking on revenge to the renagades (hero’s)since of some haunted past, then their is Adrian he is everything must want to become always been on the good side of things just only thing holding him back is some higher up’s keeping him down from being a full renagade instead of a side kick.  The world that MM had built is cool it’s sorta a nicer version of a dystopian world since have daily life stuff but also mix of pure junk and people trade in items.  So it’s a nice/ evil sad depressed world to live in so makes for a pretty darn world with superhero’s and villains so lots of destruction sadly.

One of last things I gotta say Adrian will become a big time fictional boyfriend to many women. He is sooo nice caring and eVerything people wish for when looking for a person plus much much more so you have to wait and see.  But yea this book was really really good and haha glad not more Alice in wonderland work. (Looks behind my back make sure Stacy isn’t  after me) and I’m dieing for book 2 since MM did more of the world than answer a ton of questions out in the open. 5/5 stars ~~~~JUSTIN 

WWW Wednesday (10-18-17)

So each week on Wednesday people post the 3 w’s what that is 1. What are you currently reading? 2. What have you recently finished reading & 3. What do you think you will read next or upcoming. 

1. What I’m currently reading since been eyeing it for aWhile even though been in a huge contemporary binge is rosemarked.

2. My last book book finished was renagades by Marissa Meyer & another book about super hero’s and both were ok but I enjoyed  MM a whole lot better since didn’t know how things would go. 

3. What I think I’ll read next is top 10 to get back to my contemporary ways. 

Which of these do you want to read or have already? And go from renagades if could be a be a hero or villain what is one super power would you have?

The law of tall girls by Joanne macgregor

The law of tall girls is one of those stories I was glad to read. What this book is about is Peyton lane is a tall girl and it’s first thing most people notice. The one thing us short or average size people most of the time we think is their confident since it seems that way. Well Peyton strangely is not. So Peyton is working at her job as a waitress and her workers all got talking that she hasn’t truely ever dated or even tried. Not thinking clearly her co workers challenge her to a bet of 800 bucks that Peyton needs to go on 3 dates & their date take them to prom the rule though the guys have to be 6’3 or higher. So cute that list to only a few people.  So going into this book I was sorta slump which I was doing contemporarys to try and change that and well this book might of helped me this story is  cute contemporary and different type as you know it’s tall girl story. And go thru the effects of her being tall like take example clothing which is nil since so tall so has to shop in the guys section. Last thing that was different I like its side stories that you will slowly find in this story of handling some different types of anxiety. So not just all fluffy but was still well done and I really hope that this book can get a add on to the story. 5/5 stars 

Boston teen book festival September 23rd, 2017

This was my second year going and still it’s a blast. All the authors they had rivaled like yallfest for top names. Some examples are Victoria aveyard,Leigh bardugo, Susan dennard, Adam silvera and many more. But day or night starts practically at 11 Friday night leave my friends Jens house to start. The many many hours of driving. So go to philly pa to Long Island to get my friend Laura. It’s 1:15. This is point we left sorta to early as it’s middle of the night so we drive north to Boston. We end up getting near the fest at 5:30 am. Oops 🙊 my bad their. And plus we all know road trips equal edm x) I said have music prepared I’ll share their was none. So all get their sorta grumpy ish go to Starbucks and a hunt of a public bathroom 🚽. On our way we found Harvard the college so that was fun/ funny since jen and Laura were being tourist for the school I try not to be so I was playing with my first fidget spinner . Yup I did not take one photo. Finally that’s done and go to front of the Latin school 

And wait for all authors to sign in. So that’s fun since can say good morning yadda yadda. Susan dennard and Amanda foody chatted for extra 10 seconds to chat so anything like that even few seconds you’ll take. After just the waiting for all authors panel to start by 10 am. 

Fun way to kill time and learn everyone’s books. 

Up next was out of my control panel. Which I did since title sounded funny and it was Leigh bardugo, Ashley posten,jayson the guy who wrote miles morales spider man and Kerri M the one who wrote stalking Jack the Ripper. But yea the authors talked about what it was like writing in pre established worlds. With Leigh in wonder women, jayson in spider man, Ashley in Cinderella & new book is anstia, and kerri in Jack the Ripper & Dracula or vlad the impaler. And this was my fav panel and it was hilarious Ashley, leigh and jayson stole the show. And Leigh and jayson joked whose better marvel or Dc. 

Up next was the panel for multi points of view. This panel was ok in parts it was nice to know more about aveyards characters and Lisa maxwells but panel it’s self wasn’t to funny so was high on info and when only gotten 4 hours sleep by 1 your starting to feel it. Oh yea forgot to say the panelists were Victoria aveyard, Lisa maxwell, flame caster author & the timekeepers author. But over all tons of info so a fun panel. 

Last for panels I didn’t take any photo’s but it was about right about dark books. This panel was hard to grasps for me since I don’t fantasy much. But they tried to explain how to write dark aspects and how make writing better with out it going to far And decide when need to start going back to happy moments. The panelist were Amanda foody, the bone witch author, mask of shadows author which I think is Lindsay miller and traci chee author of the reader. 

After that panel day is almost over I always skip the last panel to go to author signing line so can get a head start. And boy can it get super decked out busy. I ended up doing aveyards line and should of done Leigh’s since figured both would be mobbed and of course Leigh’s did I expected, aveyard didn’t as bad. So missed on Leigh to do everyone else. I ended up doing Lisa maxwell, Amanda foody since that’s a must since aquinted friends with her how you know some authors since local. Hunting prince Dracula author and say some things about Audrey since her lust  laying on the line is killing me with her guy from the book. (As can see I’m bad with character names). Then did one of us is lieing author, traci Chee get my arc signed. Then one last long line for Susan dennard since Its her soo nice always and can just start talking from point last met up which was bookcon in june. Didn’t have a book to be signed but got a poster. Which I’ll be hanging up. Last at 5:05 they said closing shop for garages was Ashley poston which she was like i was expecting you to come up since met her a few times to gush about geekerella soooo bad. Sadly couldn’t stay long but nice chat with her. 

Before long ride home I went out to eat with Laura, jen and my friend Toronto aka Toronto or real name kellyanne. We were headIng to a place in Boston endEd up being on the road where Fenway park was. End result we went to brewery across the street to Fenway and since had to drive so couldn’t have much so instead of samples I just went for a desert beer 

And dam is this thing sooo good. Dark taste with the Choco and went down smooth as hell. I’m dieing for more!! Sadly day was done so got in was 8pm to pre pare for another 6-8 hour drive by this point I was up for 24 hours. And made it to Laura’s by 12. And just ended up crashing their thankfully and most part my trip of the fest. 


One Week Girlfriend- Monica Murphy

“He stands up and approaches me. My knees threaten to buckle and I lock them, hoping like crazy I don’t fall over like an idiot all because he’s coming closer with that dark, intriguing look in his eyes. Like he wants to gobble me up.”

The funny thing is that my friend and I shared this book with each other not knowing that we both had it as to be read. Mine arrived in the mail and I couldn’t wait to dig in.

I wasn’t expecting the beauty and the heartbreak that this book served. After finishing this one, I logged in and ordered the second one. Now I have to be patient and wait for it to arrive. This book was that damn good.

Fable works all the time to support her drunk of a mother and her younger brother. She also carries the reputation as cheap and easy through this college town even though she doesn’t go to school. But we all know how rumors can be.

Drew goes to that college and is a star athlete on the football team. All the girls want him, but he doesn’t give them the time of day. He shows up at the bar Fable works at and sticks mostly to his friends. They all brag about Fable.

Thanksgiving is coming up and Drew is dreading going home for the holidays…. alone like usual. His plan is to take someone with him to show off. He proposes the idea to Fable and she can’t refuse the offer.

The plan is that Fable has to act like the loving adoring girlfriend of Drew for an entire week and he’ll pay her handsomely. She just has to meet his dad and his dreadful Step-Mom.

As soon as they make it back to his hometown of Carmel, Fable knows something is up but doesn’t say anything. They both have secrets of their own and this is just a fake relationship until they get back home.

Feelings start morphing between the two. As Thanksgiving gets closer and closer, the more Drew freezes up and his anger shows a bit and shuts him down.

All the secrets get left on the table, but will Fable runaway? Or will she attempt to pick up the pieces of Drews life?

Whoa! This book was so raw, intense, and extremely beautiful. I couldn’t put it down. The way the story progresses over time just leaves your heart still and your mouth dry. As these horrible secrets come to light, you break down along with the characters and you swear your heart stops beating.

I cannot wait to start the second book. Let’s hope it’s as mesmerizing as this first one.


Best Day Ever- Kaira Rouda

“Love is such a complicated thing to us humans. We overanalyze, we fret to understand it. It’s easier to understand if you think of us all as animals, with needs and desires. That’s what we are, all of us.”

If you needed another solid reason to despise men, you must read this. This will make your stomach turn as you spot an overly confident womanizer.

To look at Paul and Mia you would agree that they have the perfect life. They have a beautiful family, two houses in fabulous neighborhoods, and Paul works hard to keep his family happy. But what they don’t see is the crack in their foundation. What seems happy on the outside, isn’t what appears on the inside.

Today is the day that Paul will make this the best day ever for his wife, Mia. She had some health concerns and he wants this day to treat her like a princess. They are traveling to their cottage near the lake to release some stress and unwind. But at once the demon rises its ugly head.

As soon as they hit the road tension starts to appear. Every thing Mia says or does makes Paul’s facade crack. It’s starts to splinter and it’s only a short time before Paul shatters.

But what Mia doesn’t know is that Paul has a huge surprise for her.

As the hours go by, more and more of Paul’s plan falls into place and deep dark secrets seep up through the cracks. Dark secrets that could ruin anyone’s life. But Mia has some plans of her own.

I’m in complete shock at this story. The story as a whole made me leery of my own marriage. If you can’t trust the one person you gave your heart and life to, then who can you trust?

The narration was something that I haven’t read before and it was different. For some odd reason I loved it and it worked so well with this story. I think with the way it was portrayed, it fed off of Paul’s psychosis. His twisted demeanor has you fearing for a character that didn’t actually exist. It would be horrible for her to trust again.

This was an addictive roller coaster ride of domestic horror that you shouldn’t miss!!


Thank you Harper Collins!!

Happy Book Birthday!!