Bea day 2 and haul

Well first day was a blast hung with my friends  all day which usually is only a few hours. But morning started out much later since my co blogger Stacy and I decided we wanted to sleep in even I did wanted to meet Neil Patrick Harris I still skipped it. But other than that just same old day going around at booths trying talk with publishing houses on contemporary’s that they liked that is up coming. But to say first thing in AM was unearthly by Amie Kaufman and Meagan spooner start of a new series at Disney Hyperion which is sick then from there was a lot of roaming. The things that stick out are wonder women which I give props to penguin people started lining up 2 hours in advanced and a line got started that a massed fast and it got penguin by surprise since was out of the booth but instead of penguin saying no to it they let the unofficial line become the real one. Which example at yallfest macmillian refused to do that even though was nice organized line for crown of wishes and made it a free for all stampede literally…. Only other thing that stick out was owlcrate made my day by doing a arc drop of lucky in love by kasie west and my first arc of hers 😍😍 so can’t wait to dig Into it. So another day ended only thing I was sad was my co blogger is leaving next day which won’t see till ALA. But for that evening we did food at Outback Steakhouse my fav and she met one of my best friends Kelly and had a fun time. So that was my basic day I know only thing you want to see is my book haul. 


The real Bea day 1 and book haul

So the real Bea start day 1 since show floor is open has started. Since wanted a signing tix for Maggie stiefotter I had to wake up at 4 am to pick up friend and be at javitz center by 6:30 AM.  (Kill me now) to early to be up… But found my friends in line and all chilled the 2 hours to get inside it was fun since I do get to see my bookish friends a lot. But yea chilling in the crystal atrium is fabulous it’s gorgeous at times if you haven’t seen it. I didn’t take any photo’S but check it out. Now it’s 10 am woot woot!! First thing I did since on the way was Disney Hyperion which on the table had the belles which was sooo excited for since if your from NYC you meet dhonelle Clayton way tooooooo much. So  it’s a instant read. Next since like said Disney was on the way was harlequin to meet Sasha & Lindsay Cummings 

They were both fabulous and I talked about with Lindsay was her gorgeous lightning shots she Gets since I’m a weather geek. Rest thru the day is a blur but one time walking thru I bumped into leigh bardugo woot woot always so fabulous and stunning 

Stacy hopped in to. I think it was her first time meeting LB. last few things on the agenda just was pure luck I was at penguin I was watching friends things when suddenly see a friend with warcross I’m like wah!! I had whichwood in my hand in excitement I put my hands up say oh my god but doing so I dropped friends bag thankfully nothing fragile and friend watched the bag. So go get warcross and that book dropped as with there is someone in your house I’m like wth is this dang sorcery all of penguins top books dropping at once?!?!?? After that much else to say minus my boOk haul am I right?? Should I or should I not?? What’s that?? Still can’t hear you??? Ok ok coming it’s coming 

Stop hammer time!!!