Restore me tour stop of taheri mafi and ransom Riggs

This was my second time seeing them. Plus it’s exciting to see them since these 2 together are very funny. But day started usual yadda yadda get to NYC. Was able to meet up with more book friends from bookcon app but my friend melissa and first time hung out Stephanie. Like any pre waiting for the event we went to the strand to look at what new good deals the place had. Next my fav pasta dinner in the city this time went with basic food of pasta Alfredo. Then was time for the signing. Sadly first time ever I had to stand since all the spots were taken. But while waiting I saw Adam silvera again, and Alex London. But best part besides meeting ransom and taheri was won’t say a name but books of wonder owner has a service dog and he walked over and as the dog did my friend said loudly aww he is cute!! And just as sayes it loud guess who walks right by? You guessed it ransom which he just looks at my friend and thinks proubly talking about him since many females think he is gorgeous. So my friend and I were laughing historically while she was sooo bright in the face as well. So overall fun night full of laughs and hope to new friendship.


The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross Review

Happy Monday, fellow book lovers! It’s been a while since I last posted an actual book review, thanks to the chaos that is my life currently. I’m just starting my capstone for my bachelor’s program and I am also in the process of moving. And let me tell you this: you do not realize how hectic moving really is until you are actually moving. Boy, was I not prepared. Anyway, moving on! Starting with this review, I will be crafting my reviews differently. I will be basing my review on multiple categories and then the overall review is the average of those scores combined. For example, for The Queen’s Rising:

Writing: 5/5

World Building: 4/5

Characters: 4/5

Plot: 4/5

Cover: 4/5

Overall rating: 4.20/5

Overtime, I will most likely add other ways to rate a book, depending on each genre, but for now, I feel this is a good start. Now, on with the synopsis and review!

Goodreads Summary:

35098412When her seventeenth summer solstice arrives, Brienna desires only two things: to master her passion and to be chosen by a patron.

Growing up in the southern Kingdom of Valenia at the renowned Magnalia House should have prepared her for such a life. While some are born with an innate talent for one of the five passions—art, music, dramatics, wit, and knowledge—Brienna struggled to find hers until she belatedly chose to study knowledge. However, despite all her preparations, Brienna’s greatest fear comes true—the solstice does not go according to plan and she is left without a patron.

Months later, her life takes an unexpected turn when a disgraced lord offers her patronage. Suspicious of his intent, and with no other choices, she accepts. But there is much more to his story, and Brienna soon discovers that he has sought her out for his own vengeful gain. For there is a dangerous plot being planned to overthrow the king of Maevana—the archrival kingdom of Valenia—and restore the rightful queen, and her magic, to the northern throne. And others are involved—some closer to Brienna than she realizes.

With war brewing between the two lands, Brienna must choose whose side she will remain loyal to—passion or blood. Because a queen is destined to rise and lead the battle to reclaim the crown. The ultimate decision Brienna must determine is: Who will be that queen?

This book was just, WOW. The writing is beautifully crafted, with some of the most stunning descriptive scenes I have every read. The author’s writing was just magical; the whole story was a motion picture inside my head. I was captivated by the author’s writing from start to finish. The world building, the plot, and the characters were all unique.

I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and storyline. Whereas some people may note it as being slow, I saw it as a build up to the epic finale. The author made sure the readers were well-informed of every background and Brienna’s long and dangerous journey, and made sure it all came together in the end.

The slow-burning romance was intense, and I savored every moment between Brienna and her love interest. And there were times where I got antsy because I was waiting for something romantic to happen and when it did, I had to read it over and over again because, ROMANCE. I’m a sucker for fantasy romance. Plus, I really liked that it was not your standard romance; it was an attraction that grew overtime for both of them.

Overall, I really enjoyed The Queen’s Rising and I look forward to what is in store for Brienna in book two.

The Queen’s Rising by Rebecca Ross can be purchased wherever books are sold.


Top ten Tuesday

Every Tuesday blogs get together to share a theme from top ten and this week the theme is top ten is books in your tbr that would be re read. And it’s my list is less than used to be since I have done a good amount of re reads end of last year and this year. But here is my list

1.Never fade by Alexandra bracken

#2 in the afterlight by Alexandra bracken

#3 The Ruby circle by richelle mead

#4 love songs and other lies by Jessica Pennington

#5 everything everything by Nicola yoon

#6 a court of mist and fury by Sarah j Maas

Id list more but this is my most on my mind that I want to do for a re read in my huge tbr pile.


Midnight sun by trish cook

This book I bought for the last of my Christmas gift cards and was going in seeing that it sayes soon to be a movie so I was excited since I like YA books to movies. And I’m always on the hunt for contemporary novels. And reading the back I thought everything everything and that sorta book or fault in the stars.

But yea so they can be cute. This one is like figure from the title a instant love which doesn’t bother me. How the characters re met were kinda cool since Katie has a friend would die for as a best friend plus Charlie is pretty swoon worthy how thoughtful he was which each date which are cute. The book also goes thru the fears if your different and what you will think of others. And things will say but getting over that. But going thru this book you hope for the best for Katie. But from here you gotta find out if it’s a happy ending or not.

4/5 stars ~~~~Justin

Blood Of A Thousand Stars- Rhoda Belleza


Thank you for hanging out with us today! We hope that you enjoyed your visit. We now leave you with our review and hope you add this title to your tbr!

“I don’t like any version of my past, not even the imaginary ones.”

Empress of a Thousand Skies left us with our heart in our throats and many unanswered questions. None of us were sure what to do with our lives after being crushed with an ending like that. Then this beauty shows up on my doorstep and the world rights itself and I get sick. But the universe didn’t stop me from tearing through this wild ride.

This one started off with my heart racing as I remembered the ending of the first book. I needed to know what was going on and I needed to know now!

I felt myself being torn with some of the parts in this book. It would pick up just a bit and drop down like a plane in turbulence. But as I neared halfway through the book, it got to where I lost sleep and couldn’t put it down. It was so worth it in the end.

The ending of this book is worth the wait and it makes these books so much more enjoyable. It was exciting to see the growth of not only the characters in this book but Rhoda’s writing style. It was mesmerizing.

I hated to see this one come to a close but I’m excited to see where Rhoda takes us next.

Always remember….. Honor. Bravery. Loyalty.


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