Blog annversary & new news!!!

We didn’t say much but just last month was the blogs 1 yea annversary and to see this blog slowly bloom has been very nice. And we love all the likes we get. So thank you very much soon next month I’ll hold a giveaway for that but currently I’m to busy. But onto greater news and it’s exciting Stacy and I have decided to bring on another blogger. It’s one of my friends who wants to get into blogging world and help them out we had invited them to join our blog and with out further a do is like to gladly invite Nikole who soon as get hang of Wordoress will make a post to introduce herself.  *applauds* 

The real Bea day 1 and book haul

So the real Bea start day 1 since show floor is open has started. Since wanted a signing tix for Maggie stiefotter I had to wake up at 4 am to pick up friend and be at javitz center by 6:30 AM.  (Kill me now) to early to be up… But found my friends in line and all chilled the 2 hours to get inside it was fun since I do get to see my bookish friends a lot. But yea chilling in the crystal atrium is fabulous it’s gorgeous at times if you haven’t seen it. I didn’t take any photo’S but check it out. Now it’s 10 am woot woot!! First thing I did since on the way was Disney Hyperion which on the table had the belles which was sooo excited for since if your from NYC you meet dhonelle Clayton way tooooooo much. So  it’s a instant read. Next since like said Disney was on the way was harlequin to meet Sasha & Lindsay Cummings 

They were both fabulous and I talked about with Lindsay was her gorgeous lightning shots she Gets since I’m a weather geek. Rest thru the day is a blur but one time walking thru I bumped into leigh bardugo woot woot always so fabulous and stunning 

Stacy hopped in to. I think it was her first time meeting LB. last few things on the agenda just was pure luck I was at penguin I was watching friends things when suddenly see a friend with warcross I’m like wah!! I had whichwood in my hand in excitement I put my hands up say oh my god but doing so I dropped friends bag thankfully nothing fragile and friend watched the bag. So go get warcross and that book dropped as with there is someone in your house I’m like wth is this dang sorcery all of penguins top books dropping at once?!?!?? After that much else to say minus my boOk haul am I right?? Should I or should I not?? What’s that?? Still can’t hear you??? Ok ok coming it’s coming 

Stop hammer time!!!

Book Expo May 31st- June 2nd NYC

I’ve been planning Book Expo since last year. Haven’t seen my blogging partner in over a year and this trip was another learning experience for  the both of us. 

Day one started with us picking up our badges, wondering around and bumping into some friends for some fun chats and planning. The show room floor didn’t open that day. So, we planned for the next two days and then headed out to explore NY. 

Days 2 & 3 were exhausting, but extremely fun. We basically stuck together a lot for in booth signings and arc drops. It’s better if you go in groups for drops going on while waiting in line. And you just never know who you are going to meet wondering around. 

Most of the authors wondering around are more than happy to sign something and even take a few pictures. Haven’t had a bad experience yet with an author. 

During the entire event I’ve had two bad experiences. One with Penguin and their horrible crowd control. Getting answers out of them was like getting answers out of a non-verbal dog. The other was how poorly I was treated by a small publishing house. I sent them a very lengthy wordy email yesterday about the treatment of not only me, but countless others. 

In the end, Book Expo was another amazing year and I came away with a huge haul!! 

Now the big question is…. to go or not to go in 2018? 

Not sure if I want to risk getting sick again!! But the books might draw me back in!!! 

Bookexpo day 1 and start of my NYC trip

So I’ve been waiting weeks for this adventure to begin since my co blogger is out from Illinois and see all my book friends for days and have dinner all that fun stuff. But day starts off day 1 at 8 am since takes a little bit to take bus from nj to NYC. I picked up my co blogger at her hotel and we were off just only diffrence was diffrent bus line than I was used to and I have a fear of public trans so unsure of the whole thing, but going in is better since last stop is the port authority. So we’re heading to javitz unsure how the day will pan out since it says Bea but the show floor won’t he open so it’s either said pavilion/ ABA something librarians. Ended up being mass sale of books at a cheap price. I wish I had money to buy them, but sadly I’m saving for a new trip in 2 weeks. So our friends which met up with few others all said lets get food and hit the strand and books of wonder.  Saw that and always amazing to stop at them since bow for signed copies and the strand for cheap hard covers, again I didn’t buy anything but my friend Laura found 2 hp books for 2 dollars that’s insane!! After that did 1 dollar pizza of 2 bro’s pizza it’s amazing and love NYC pizza. Last but not least most of us were bloggers so we headed to bloggerbound a event with some authors and people of industry and bloggers of course and how to make your blog better. First panel was called quiet ya and how to make smaller less known books to bring them to light. Myself I read a lot of the big named with occasional smaller but I wanted to learn how get even more attention to a smaller named book thru social media. But I asked what sort of hashtags might help for less known books and thanks to that I received a bag of books one being that book summer book of short stories edited by Stephanie Perkins. And another can remember is radius of us. 

Next panel was just a group of bloggers and how to get your name out there. That was fun but I sorta knew a lot of the things so was a refresher course. Then we took a break of cupcakes and the big event is the the bag of arcs which i grabbed a few contemporys I didn’t take a photo was to tired and last but not least trivia with zoraida Cordova. We were split up by tables I was in between 2 so was hard which team deside since i knew most at both tables but ended up on the team that my co blogger wasn’t which was a team of laura and forget rest of team just know them from signings. We named ourselves the bookish brujas just like for zoraida’s book. And we made a good team I didn’t know 2 much but 2 questions everyone was stumped and I was able guess them which one was past blogger bound author and her title is one word about 2 people who steal a car which was run by Kody keplinger. So round 1 ends and were second place. Round 2 was harder but last few answers we guessed which my friend Laura guessed a few and another girl did we ended up being perfect and retallalied and we were # 1 by 2 points last was certain awards and year author received them. Was pure guessing game but we survived and won a bag of arcs which I had chosen Anthology of love triangles and one other book. So from there leaving can see lightning and rush against time to make it back with out getting wet. We made it but didn’t have dinner :(. So just went back and really went to sleep. That was my first day but I knew I was for in a ton with the real opening of book expo. ~~~~JUSTIN 

Wonder Women by Leigh Bardugo

Ok I’ll get to this book in a second but as a FYI to all fans don’t murder me but the thing is wait for it….. Wait for it.. I have not once read any comics,books or movies with wonder women in it. I’m not a big super hero person. So coming in I don’t know much so I was learning the world and such as I went besides being the real world. Now onto the book it starts with Diana she is a Amazon as they are called in the book with super strength and all that show hero shibang. And starts off come on the island and a running race between all the top Amazon people as Diana is racing she finds a ship that is sinking from a bomb explosion. And Diana goes to see if can help even though that’s compleatly against there code and if get caught helping a Human she will forever be banned from living there. As you learn thru person Diana helps rescue is a war bringer. Which it lives past a age she will cause a war and destruction. They don’t know till odd things happen on island now it’s there quest for Diana to help save the world and alia’s life. That’s the story, my take now I was some what bored at the start since just seemed like circles and no plot but finally near 125 it picks up and gets good since add the action to a few jokes here and there since Diana is learning something new of the mortal world and all that. But the book from then on is how you expect them to add in a touch of mythology to the mix and seeing how that’s described was cool and who knows which one’s you’ll meet. Overall slow start to ok-pretty good coming from a person who doesn’t like super hero stuff. So worth a read and get better idea of the world wonder women and light read. 4/5 stars ~~~~ JUSTIN 

Obsidian and stars by Julie Eshbaugh 

This book was one of my most anticipated reads and boy does it ever hit the mark and blow past it. It’s amazing. But to say this story is about now in mya’s pov and she is to getting married to kol. And her sister supposed get married to kols brother but Chev mya’s brother and clan leader declines let those 2 married so mya with her sister to teach Chev a lesson run away. On the running people were watching are they have good thoughts are bad thoughts you gotta find out. The thing of this book is a huge tear jerker I don’t cry but wanted to it sucks your soul out espcially for mya as you cheer her own to sadness of things at start of the book and thru out. My head felt so raw from the roller coaster ride but was well it and freaking loved this 5/5 stars big time and can mya convince her brother to let her sister marry kols brother is say it’s the risk to find out ;). 5/5 ~~~~ JUSTIN 

Cici Reno- Kristina Springer 

“But nothing is going to happen. I’m not his type. Boys don’t fall for girls like me. They fall for girls like you. I always knew what the deal was.”

Today was a horrible day for me. I woke up and knew that today wasn’t going to be anything but miserable. Then I started to read this book. It was absolutely adorable, upbeat and positive. An instant mood enhancer. 

Cici Reno is the girl everyone goes to when they have problems. If you need a quick and honest answer, Cici is your girl. Way better than a magic eight ball. But what happens when you’re the one that needs answers? 

Cici’s best friend Aggie spent the Summer in Florida with her dad and new step-mom and something is different about her. And boy do they let you know about it in this book. She bloomed this summer and now everyone gawks and talks about her. 

Aggie has been crushing on her best friends brothers friend, Drew and they decide this year is the year that they make this situation a reality. They come up with a plan to get Aggie and Drew together. Since Aggie is a walking and talking disaster when it comes to boys, Cici will pretend to be her on Twitter. But they will play it secretly until Aggie gets the confidence she needs to confront Drew. What could go wrong? 

Drew and “Aggie” hit it off online and Drew is ready to meet this mystery girl who has taken his heart. When they meet, it seems that they are hitting it off. But something is different. Cici is jealous. Deep down in her soul jealous. 

Talking to him online has made them connect in a way that makes Cici’s heart beat faster. What will she do as she watches her friend score the one guy she wants? 

There are a few things that make this relatable and current to almost everyone. Sisters before misters, yoga, fresh coffee and the heavy presence of social media. A lot more kids are turning to social media to find their next one and only. And this sets the pace for what is actually happening. 

The story was current, the characters were super relatable and lovable. I actually really enjoyed almost everything about this book. A happy, light, cute story of helping a friend in need. 

What I didn’t like was the lying and no repercussions. They obviously lied to a boy to get attention and when the plan falls flat, nothing really happens. I think it would have been better to teach a lesson. But it would have changed the entire story. 

Still a fun read for a crummy day.