Beautiful Bitch- Christina Lauren 

“Don’t let yourself fall for someone who’ll put your world before theirs. Fall for the powerhouse who lives as fearlessly as you do.”

Chloe and Bennett are back and just as steamy. This begins where Bastard left off. Bennett sweeps Chloe off of her feet and onto her back. 

Chapters flip between the two with majorly fun flashbacks. 

They both work in the same building, are dating, but barely see one another. Busy lives lead to risky hookups at work. And Bennett hasn’t changed one demanding bit. 

Bennett believes what they really need is a sweet romantic vacation in France. But things always seem to get in the way of having fun for these two. 

Let’s hope France brings them happiness one panty rip at a time.

I liked this one, but it wasn’t as intense at the first one. I still will finish this series.

And I wish Trent talked to me like Bennett does to Chloe. A girl can only get on her knees and flutter her lashes.

Now sit down dear readers and enjoy the ride.

3/5 *Stacy*


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