Eileen- Ottessa Moshfegh

“If you’ve ever seen a real dead body you know that people never die with such complacent grins, such blankness…. I mention it because it is the face I wore at work, my death mask.”
The first ten pages or so, I wanted to give up and then something happened. It morphed into quite the little twisted mystery and it was mind blowing.
Now let’s travel back to a groovy time. Kennedy was president, Vietnam was roaring through the lives on the Americas and the peace movement was in full swing. Make Love Not War was spreading throughout the hearts of humankind.
I’m going to take you to a little town in New England right outside of Boston. In the dreaded winter, where snow after snow falls and here we meet Eileen Dunlop. In her early twenties,a homely looking girl and living at home with her drunk dad. He makes for great laughter, a lover of gin and constant snowball thrower at kids walking by the house.
Eileen holds down a job at a boy’s prison. She’s a receptionist where she handles all the new inmates coming in and all the visitors. Her life is pretty simple and very boring. By this point in her life, she has never kissed anyone and has never been intimate with a boy. But, she sure wishes that someone young stud would forcefully push her up against a car and take her innocence away. The thoughts that travel through her head would make Courtney Love feel like a saint.
She spots one of the guards and watches his every move. She even goes to great lengths to stalk his apartment and park outside just to get a glimpse of him. What she wants him to do to her and the thoughts of his unmentionables inside of his pants make her go crazy.
That is until Rebecca shows up and takes the show away. After laying her eyes on her, she forgets about this guard and wants nothing more than to feel the love of Rebecca.
Nobody gave her any attention and treated her unfairly, that is until Rebecca seen something in her that she can trust. They hang out like good friends and her dads jealousy gets the best of him. Eileen wants nothing more than to run away and find a better life for her and Rebecca…. That is until the secret plot of the book is revealed. And holy shit! is it a showstopper.
The last chapter or two of this book will throw you through a whirlwind. I didn’t know what was going to happen and then it did. A very Hitchcock way of ending a book and it was phenomenal.
I’m not into mystery books, but this one will make you keep a flask in your desk at work.
Happy trails!!!

4/5 *Stacy*


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