*Double Review* How to hang a witch by Adriana Mather

Stacy here! And I’m taking over this post for a moment. This will be the first time that we post a double review on one link. I know… crazy. First will be Justin’s and then mine will be below.

Enjoy, Witches!

Justin’s Review:

Pretty much what this book is about is, a girl has been moved from NYC to Salem MA because her dad is sick he had a heart attack and is in coma her step mother said the bills were getting to high so have to move back to old town where her grand ma used to live. Moving back is extra different given her name is Samantha or (sam) as she liked be called and last name Mather. Yup that’s right you read it write Mather she is a decadent to person who hanged witches in Salem witch trials who was cotton Mather. But as she moves in people start getting sick, injured or dyiing so turns as you guess modern day witch trials with the blame and she isn’t very liked in town given she is a Mather.

Now that you know the plot here is some points on this book. I liked it given its based off the witch trials which has always intrigued me since I like some old history at times. One thing I always chuckle small fact not important is she loves her coffee and has to have it light and sweet just like how I do since who doesn’t like a nice cup of joe espcially going into fall and chilly air plus it’s Salem enough said for that town a place I want to vistit one day myself. One thing I felt lacking was there wasn’t that much as I call trying to figure out clues as to what is going on to solve this case just things happen then suddenly start getting towards the end and suddenly figured it out so that was confusing to me only thing that had me stilling loving it was the spooky feel and the tension between Sam a Mather and her with other descendants of the Salem witch trials. Over all worth a read and to see your trip can help solve the modern witch trials and save the town from a true doom and all accusations or hope you don’t get hanged your self or burned at the stake ;). 4.5/5 stars ~~~~~ JUSTIN

Stacy’s Review:

“Repeat after me…I mean what I say and I say what I intend. Know my desire and give me clarity.”
Alright Witches, let’s talk about something strange for a moment….
When you and your friend are reading the same book and you decide to drink something along with it. She posts a picture and then you realize holy shit balls, you guys are drinking the same exact thing and send a pic. There can be only one explanation…. Witchcraft!

Samantha and her stepmom Vivian move from the big apple to Salem, Mass because bills are staking up so high with Sams dad being in a coma. Hospital stays are pricey and they must move to deal with less bills and a free Victorian house that has been passed down from generation.
Being in high school and moving to a new town can kill anyones motivation and desire for life.
Moving to a witch town all the spirits come alive. But Sam doesn’t believe in all that stuff even though she is a Mather. Oh, wait? What did I say? Mather Mother fucker!!
On her first day of school, everyone knows her name and here comes the hate. Her relative Cotton Mather was the originator of the witch hangings and the Descendants make it reality to make her life a living hell and cast spells on her.
Little by little things keep happening around Sam. She keeps getting into arguments with her stepmom, people are getting sick and descendants to the original witches family are dying off. And Sam is going to find out why.
It just so happens that her next door neighbor is hot af and catches her eye. Jaxon wants to sweep her off of her feet and Sam hates to get close to anyone.
Once people start dropping like flies all eyes point to Sam. With the help of a lusty ghost, they must team up and discover people aren’t what they seem.

I agree with JT, this feels like such a Fall read. It was very enjoyable and kept my interest. Not knowing what was happening was killing me and I needed to know more. The most shocking was Sam and the ghost Elijah. What the hell! Maybe true love does come in all forms.
The ending is what actually killed it for me. I kept waiting for a hammer to fall and it barely swung and missed me by near inches. I needed more gore towards the end and what I got was rainbows and puppies.
Meet me at the cauldron and don’t forget the eyes of newts!

3.5/5 *Stacy*


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