Foxheart by Claire legrand

Let me start off with the art for this book is absolutely stunning by far one of best I have ever seen for a book. But onto the story pretty much about a girl who calls her self quicksilver  and she is a witch who grew up in orphanage. One day while out stealing she see’s a older women who looks just like her and quicksilver is memorize finally the person speaks and sayes I will answer any question you have if you tell me who i am and who quick silver really is.  This book sadly did not hit its mark like I thought I was going into at all since I get excited about witch craft and all, there is hardly any of it at all.  Another thing this book whole time as I call is a wondering book always on the move since her and friends she makes on the way searching for things or as I call books are simular search for horocruxis from Harry Potter and we all know good amount of first half of deathly Hallows isn’t as good as rest of the book. Last reason I didn’t like it quicksilver is always grumpy and snapping at people and can never to seem have any fun in majority of the book besides for her dog which I find very cute. 

Some things I did like is her dog fox sounds so adorable and makes your heart swoon for him.   

But like said did not hit its mark. And I feel so guilty since just yesterday met Clair again and she is so nice and down to earth and actually remembered my name and my friends which for authors is pretty hard to do when it’s been near 2 months really off by 2 days so please don’t ever judge a author by there book since half of time there still fun to meet and everything and I hope meet her again and to read her next book. If read this sorry Clair.     3/5 stars    ~~~~~~~JUSTIN 


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