Drag Teen- Jeffery Self

“I want to do something different. I want to live in different places. I want to see the world and be somebody.”

Sometimes you just need to step back and take a break. Lately, I have been reading about teenagers being posessed and killing one another as they lose their minds and bite someones ear off (Merciless… check it out) I needed to come back from hell and land in a safe place. Lift my spirits and put on a damn fabulous wig. Strut my stuff and belt out 9 to 5. And Drag Teen was the next best thing.

JT lives in Clearwater, Florida, having a very loving and hunky boyfriend Seth, the best friend anyone could ask for Heather, living at home with mom and dad who run a gas station and trying to come up with a way to pay for college. He has one heck of an interesting life. After failing to gain a scholarship, he feels like his plan to leave this town and never look back is looking more and more grim by the minute.

With Heather and Seth by his side they come up with a few alternatives. Seth finds an announcement for a drag teen competition in New York and the winner will receive a full scholarship for the entire four years. 

It takes a lot of arm twisting and guilt tripping to win JT over and he finally caves. Telling all their parents that they are going to Daytona for spring break, they are officially on the way to kick drag ass. 

Hitting some bumps in the road, everything always seems to even out for them. Hmm.. I guess thats how the fictional world works. With a lot of help from queens along the way, JT finally starts to feel like himself in his own skin. With nothing to hide and everything to gain, he doesnt hold back. 

On the road and running into an old country singer… pretty much saved his life for the better. 

Can JT overcome his insecurities to win the competition? Will he let the pressure win and make him turn back? Or will Seth and Heather be his best support system for life?

This is a cute pick me up after all the evil that I have currently let into my book reading life. Extremely clichè and totally predictable. Some of these scenarios were over the top and could only happen in books and it took a lot away from the story. Very far fetched and not believable one bit. It was still a confidence booster of a book and glad that I read it.

3/5 ♡Stacy♡


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