My lady Jane by Cynthia hand, brodi ashton, &jodi meadows (boy that’s a big title)

I’m laughing here at that title since given my lady Jane or short MLJ is supposed to be a funny historical fiction. But starts out that King Edward is falling gravely ill and since has no kids is forced to send reign of his country to his cousin Jane. As new queen who can she trust though in reality no one. Watch as she navigates her way through queendom. Can she last longer than her 9 days that she really lived by before she was beheaded you will have to find out and just see who betrays her. 

Some things I was impressed with though given I’m not to fond of historical fictions is Edians which pretty much are humans who can change into animals. Edians can be very useful or down right can pain in the “ass”.  Another thing I loved is the relationships in this book since I love romances and how they slowly evolved. 

Some things I can say disliked or this case not see is everyone sayes this book is funny but I saw a few bits of it but not much to make me laugh besides in Achknowledgements where they said your tired and want it over with since just read a 500 page book which is very true and I died there. So only complaint I have.

Over all id say worth a read to brush up on some history that had been muddied up and put back out there to read to be made fun. And see if you think the book is funny as everyone makes it out to be. 4/5 stars ~~~~~~ JUSTIN 


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