Labyrinth Lost- Zoraida Cordova

” I would follow you in the darkest dark.”

Wake me up when something exciting happens.
Borrowed a galley of this book from JT. He received it at ALA Orlando!! Thanks!!
This had sooo much potential and it just didn’t hold up to the hype.

Alex is one of a kind and she dislikes it tremendously. She’s a bruja, which makes her one powerful witch in all the land. She will finally accept her fate at her upcoming Deathday party, but she has other plans.
She has one very good friend and spots the glimmer of a cute boy named Nova. Beware of boys with glimmering eyes, they will break your heart. She can’t help but stare at this fine piece of specimen. Her mother notices and invited him to her party.
Alex’s plan is all set and she’s about to receive the greatest gift during her deathday and she throws in back into their faces with a magic spell of her own to rid herself and her life from being a bruja. But remember kids, things always come with a price….
And poof…. her family vanishes.
Now Alex is on a mission to get her family back and save the life she threw away.

This has everything in a book that I love, but this one just doesn’t cut the cake. I felt like I was climbing to the highest part of the roller coaster and up and up and up we go. Bracing for the drop, where your heart is in your throat and your stomach drops and you’re wondering if the person next to you will lose their lunch. And here it comes…. and it’s the tiniest drop you could ever imagine and you land safely on a nice cushioned pillow.
I felt that I couldn’t connect with the characters and it seemed to feel like they all knew what was going to happen to themselves.
If you’re going to write about dead relatives and creepy monsters… you better come for the throat and stomp my foot instead. Element of surprise gets you places.
And this is not what I was promised. Highly doubt that I would continue the series. I wanted action, adventure and that awesome three-way that probably would have happened if I put my foot into the ring. But don’t ever listen to me. What do I know? I’m just a material girl living in a material world.

2/5 *Stacy*


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