July wrap up 

This is my first ever July wrap up. Most of my books will be arcs but I’ll try to say there release date and such. 

1. A SHADOW BRIGHT AND BURNING by JESSICA CLUESS my Absolute fav and I expect it to be the next fandom as Stacy and I have both said on our blog posts. If you like fantasy this book is for you and comes out in late September. And I expect I’ll be coming to re read this book many many times over plus come on gorgeous cover. 

2. Holding up the universe by Jennifer Nieven      This book was amazing for being a contempory and helped me get out of reading funk I felt I was going into. But it’s great since helps out people who might have disability issues show how can he strong plus show even if “weaker” you can have a life and love. Anyone who loves everything everything this book will be for you. It’s out in October. 

3.Scythe by Neal schuesterman 

This book would be great to read near Halloween it’s not spooky but it’s so good and but it isn’t that scary. But wouldn’t it be cool to follow from scythes and scythes in training ;). 

4. Ember in the ashes by sabaa Tahir

I don’t really have to say to much but I put this book of over a year and it’s so good. A tad bit of magical and tad bit of real world sword fighting issues with a bad government all added together to make for amazing book. 

5.  A torch against the night by Sabaa Tahir

It follows where ember left off. Which I won’t say anything since will spoil but his book is just as good as first one for its hype. But book one still so much better. But this book starts really add in way more fantasy. That book comes out at the end of August which is almost here. 

6. Just gotta add in I finished it last day of June so close enough but it needs honorable mention CARAVAL by STEPHANIE GARBER.      This book was very good extremely twisty and turney book you really won’t have any idea what will happen till you tried it. Is it a good thing or bad thing guess gotta find out and comes out January of 2017. 

Some other books I finished and want more details to message us. Are 1. The nerdy and the dirty, 2. The game that breaks us. 3. Frost blood 4. Stealing snow 5. Of fire and stars 6. Nemisis 7. The way back home. Those were rest of July reads so I might have a blog post on them if not can come chat about them with any questions you have. ~~~~~~~ JUSTIN 


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