The Merciless II- Danielle Vega

Heilige Scheiße!!

“Be careful what you wish for… God punishes sinners. I’m supposed to free myself of distractions. Rid myself of the devil.”

I think I have an author to add to my favorites list. She really knows how to put your knickers in a twist. 

Sofia is back and in the small town of Friend with her mother. After everything that has happened with her friends, her evil secret coming to light and Brooklyn disappearing… they are still stuck in town due to her mothers job. 

Brooklyn haunts her dreams, her every waking moment and even her computer. She’s coming for you…..

Having a hard time coping, she wants her mom home soon. But shes gets something else in return. 

Dear old mom gets into a car crash and thats the end for her. Brooklyn laughs….

Dealing with the grief of losing someone so close, she must decide on whether she wants to go into foster care or get a scholarship to a Catholic prep school. 

Driving up to rustic gates, she decides to go to school.

Her roommates love her instantly and now let the evil begin. 

She thinks hatred and it happens. Animals die and people get hurt. She even catches the eye of Jude, the guy her roommate is crushing on. 

Can the horrible evil be lifted? And will it slide toward Sofia having a great life in a new school?

Hahaha, Brooklyn thinks otherwise.

What a twisted and demented story. At first I didn’t think it could compete with the first one and I was completely wrong.

This was one crazy ride to hell and back. If you loved the first one, you’ll fall deeper into this one. I hope this isn’t the end for Sofia.

5/5 ♡Stacy♡


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