Scythe by Neal shusterman

Wowzzers is all I have to say this book is amazing!!!! This was my first book by him but I’d gladly go pick up his other series that I heard was dystopian. But to start out this book ‘s 2 main characters are asked to join to be scythe apprentice to be trained to be like the grim reaper. In this book they are the only death they bring people which is “supposed” to be random since humans had conquered all deaths, sickness, and disease. So to keep the planet down of its population they have scythes glean (kill). Some things I loved about this even though it’s a stand alone the book all the way thru is amazing. Like this book isn’t just oh learning how to be something then get towards end to graduating or the challenge no this book adds more events in between with some twists I didn’t see coming at all. Plus to me it’s really hard to make a book about the grim reaper and still keep it interesting. Like the series croak I had read that and was sooo bored but a series I might go back to just find out what happens since I hate not knowing and don’t like to use wiki for things like that. 

I have absolutely no complaints for this book.  So with that said I feel you should pre order your copy today you won’t regret it. ~~~~ JUSTIN 


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