Heartless- Marissa Meyer

“Do be careful, Sir Joker….. A heart, once stolen, can never be taken back.”

You guys should still see the look on my face after I finished this. My eyes are still wide and my mouth is hitting the floor. Absolutely magnificent. 

I was very sad that this was one of the main books that I wanted at BEA and couldn’t get my hands on it. I got lucky enough to trade for a signed copy of this and no one is even allowed to breathe on my baby. Don’t even think about it… No No No….

We all know my love and deep desire for anything Alice In Wonderland and how disappointed I was at Furthermore. This is the story of the Queen Of Hearts by the Queen herself M. Meyer and boy did she not disappoint. She never does and I doubt she ever will. 
Lady Catherine Pinkerton Of Rock Turtle Cove is a daughter of a wealthy family and they only want her to succeed in life and marry into royalty. But her passion, that her mum and dad dislike is baking. She can turn anything into scrumptious bites that will have the entire Hearts kingdom talking.  

Her dream for life is owning a bakery with her best friend/maid MB. To make this dream become a reality, she must persuade her parents into letting her pursue her dream and make it big. But it seems that they have different plans in the works. 

The big plan…. Lady Cath will one day be the Queen of Hearts and rule beside the King, her loving dumb witted husband. Not very smart and not at all brave, all he wants is Lady Catherine’s hand in marriage and her sweet sweet confections. (Drool….)

At the King’s royal bash, he introduces everyone to the new royal court Jester named Jest and Catherine feels her heart race and sweat drip down in places that we should not mention. (fanning herself) Oh! Sweet Jesus.

Lady Catherine might be in love. Oh Joy! Oh Joy! Wait!? What is it? Not in love with the King? Oh My!

A lady can’t be in love with a low commoner… a man who dances his ass off with fruit in his hair…. Will her parents except this love?

Will love come to Catherine? Or will madness capture them all? 

Whimsical and just down right fucking heartless. This will ruin you. I knew she wouldnt let me down. True love might exist, but not here.

5/5 ♡Stacy♡


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