Holding up the universe by Jennifer niven

This book was sooo fantastic!!! I did it in one day which rarely ever happens. But starts out pretty much, Libby is finally going back to public school in like 5 years. The reason she wasn’t was because she had to be rescued from house since she was the worlds fastest teen at 600 pounds, and wasn’t able get out of bed. In jacks case he has a brain disorder so I can’t put a name or memory to people even his own family. The one thing going for him than Libby is he is popular. But due to his brain disorder he gets mixed up at a party a girl who looks like his gf and another girl. But after the party at school his friends are all playing a game called well you’ll have to figure that out ;). But this prank goes wrong since makes Jack and Libby both be sent to community service.  That’s what I’ll leave you with ;). By the way this is the book I thought dumplin should of ended and all when I had read that book.  To all the people who love everything everything your going to love this book!!!!! Comes out in October trust me pre order it. 5/5 stars.~~~~~~~~~ JUSTIN 


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