The Women In the Walls- Amy Lukavics

And now you’re thinking… I hope thats sheperds pie in my knickers!

Dark and twisted novel that I kind of seen coming. It sucks when you can figure out most of the murderous plot. Here I was blaming all the men and it was the ladies. Damn you!!

Blogger JT got this personally signed for me at Ala Orlando!

Some elements of this book make you think of other horror themed movies. What pops into my head the most often is The Omen. “It’s all for you Damien! It’s all for you.” And bam right out the window. 

Growing up in the middle of nowhere in a giant mansion with an asshole of a father is never a spectacular time and Lucy’s life is no different. At the age of three her mother dies and in moves her Aunt Penelope and her daughter Margaret. Lucy looks up to Penelope like shes her mother and it leaves Margaret in the dust. 

Growing up together they act more like sisters. One day Penelope walks out into the woods and never returns. Devastation comes to the Acosta family and Margaret starts to lose her mind.

Lucy’s dad is all about keeping the Acosta name high in value and only cares about his high class virtue of the prestigious country club. God forbid disappearances and madness get in the way of him living the high life. 

Slowly Margaret finds comfort in the attic and believes the voices shes hearing is her mothers voice. The scratching on the walls starts to drive her insane. Lucy tries all she can to help, but it might be too late and she begins to hear the same voices. 

A legacy is one to uphold in the Acosta family and dont you forget. 

Now hurry up along and don’t forget to swallow those teeth. 

Interesting for the most part and at its peak it sunk like the Titanic. Going back and forth trying to decipher what the voices really want was a hell of a chase. For people who love horror, it was plain as day and a kick to the shin. 

Being YA horror, this is the creepiest and most gruesome one to date. Surprising that they would consider this ya, that is until the teenage girls talk about cutting and thats when it becomes a teen fest. 

Still a good leadway to what I hope becomes horror ya central.

3/5 ♡Stacy♡


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