More Happy Than Not- Adam Silvera

“I will do my best to always find the sun in the darkness because my life isn’t one sad ending- it’s a series of endless happy beginnings.”

I’m sitting here beaming with a shit eating grin of my face because I thought I had this book figured out completely. Boy I couldn’t have been more wrong. And here I was going to bet my soul on this and the devil would of had one delicious time. 

Thought this was going to be about finding yourself and accepting the life that was handed to you, I wasn’t expecting forgetting and forgetting with a little more forgetting. 

I’m truly shocked, but in a deep soul touching kind of way. 

Growing up in the Bronx is rough, if you’re broke and live in the projects your life is on a downward spiral.

Aaron lives in a tiny apartment with his older brother and his mom. Not that long ago Aaron tried to commit suicide from not being able to deal with the burden of everyday life. Lets not forget that his father committed suicide in that same apartment and in the tub where Aaron found him. Not feeling safe, he ran. Leaving his fears in the wind. But this is where the story takes a major twist and fucks your mind.

Aaron has a very supportive girlfriend Genevieve, Shes been by hide side since day one and they are the love of each other’s lives until….. Aaron slowly learns that what he really craves is another man in his life. And in the boyfriend type of way (get it guuurrrl). He tries to find that in his new best friend Thomas. Not wanting to break his girlfriends heart, he sneaks around. He tries to keep it to himself, but all people seem to know. 

Seeing pamphlets in town for the Leteo Institute Aaron believes that this might help him in the future. This place does surgery when they can help make you forget the worst troubles in your life. But its a very tricky procedure that might not take. 

Between forbidden hidden love, “friends” who judge and true faithful nobodies this makes you want to uplift people who are in need of a shoulder. 

This book had me all sorts of fucked up. I felt like I had twelve arms and was being pulled into all different directions. Gasping at each page as I flip them violently. Not believing the words that I’m reading and sometimes rereading it over and over again. Thinking these pages were playing tricks on me. I wanted Aaron and Thomas to bet it and I got so much more in the end. Holy hell on a dip stick.

4/5 ♡Stacy♡


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