The Female Of The Species- Mindy McGinnis

“Anger makes you tired, but guilt keeps you from falling asleep.”
Rating is 4.5/5.
Received from a friend who went to ALA Orlando!!! Thanks JT!!
This is one of those intense books that you could finish in one sitting if real life didn’t get in the way.
“The true story of three teenagers, picked to live in a tiny town, go to school together and have their lives written about, to find out what happens when people stop being polite… and start getting real.”

Hello and welcome to this very small town where everyone knows everyone’s business. I’m Alex and here to take you on the roller-coaster ride from hell. Sit back, relax and feel no remorse as I slice and dice my way through all the horrible people who deserve everything that I give to them.

My wrath is coming…….


Alex is the girl everyone knows because she’s the one with the dead sister. Her sister Anna disappeared and found later half buried in the forest. She suffered and now Alex will make others suffer.

Peekay is the preacher’s daughter and no one calls her by her real name. She works side by side with Alex at the animal shelter and they slowly become friends. Alex isn’t like anyone she has ever met before. They start to party together and a little saving is involved. In rough times, you need a gal pal to have your back.

Jack is the guy other guys want to be and all the girls want to be with. Even if it’s for the night. He’s the star of the sports teams in town and will go places on a scholarship. He hooks up with any girl that crosses his path and no one will change that, that is until Alex enters his life. She’s different and just enough weird to peak his interest.

Can the psycho save the manwhore from self-destruction?

This is one hell of a read that will leave a hole in your face (spoiler alert) and make you think before you cross anyone’s path in the rudest of ways. The retaliation Alex uses will shock you and leave you with a comforting feeling of badass girls righting the world. She’s what the world needs in a new type of heroine.

The ending will leave you gasping your last breath. An ending I didn’t see coming and left me shaken. Quite the flawless fucked up read of 2016.




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