Stealing snow by Danielle Paige 

4/5 stars 

 This book I don’t how to describe it, it was good but first 50-70ish pages were so slow since wasn’t much world building at first but once after that the book gets really good and danger lurks around every corner wether it’s snow beasts or who can you trust never know. But from get go a thing I loved and I absolutely love in general is snow!!! And boy do I love it and this book has a ton of.  Another thing that has me so curious with this book is this world truely happening or is it all made up since mind you snow the main characters name is in the phsych ward for being insane. As a added comment mind you I have never read orginal snow queen or seen any movies so I can’t compare it to anything just like pride prejudice and zombies was nut first retelling of P& P.   So last I’d say if want a book about surving and trying to survive diffrent elements / powers you should read this book. 


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