Leave Me- Gayle Forman

I know I’m supposed to look past Maribeth abandoning her family, but I can’t. This has made me so angry.

Forman usually writes books that twist your emotions and wreck you for days. This is everything else but that.

Maribeth has an almost perfect life. A steady job for a popular magazine, a loving husband and two wonderful kids. But stress can ruin everyones perfect life. Feeling sluggish and sick, she believes its the food she ate. Until she is sent to the ER. 

A life altering moment and shes in emergency surgery and it goes wrong. Waking up, she learns that she had bypass surgery and it devastates her. She can’t play with her kids and do everyday things until shes all healed. Fearing the worst might come to her kids, she thinks about finding her biological parents.

Jason (Maribeths husband) leaves to go to work, even though she can’t do much alone. This causes Maribeth to do the unthinkable and leave her family.

Who in their right mind would up and leave their family who they adore? I don’t care what you deal with. You decided to bring them into the world and you made a commitment to do everything in your power to protect then.

This is why I hated this book. No normal person thinks this way and no one sure as hell doesnt cover up for your runaway lies. And what husband would be okay with all of this? Seriously!? 

Not very realistic and no sentiment here. I wouldn’t suggest this to anyone. She should stick to YA and leave the adult stuff to someone who knows how the real world works. It saddens me.

2/5 ♡Stacy♡


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