Frost blood  by elly blake

4/5 stars 

I liked this book but I had to high of hopes on it since a lot of people were talking about and loving it.  But book starts out this world there fireblood people, frost blood and normals. The king of the frost bloods has made it a genocide to all fire bloods. So you meet Ruby she is in teen already and she is trying hard not use her powers but it’s hard. Her granny was slowly teaching her but one day goes away so was never finished. Her mom compleatlys doesn’t let her use her powers. Eventually kings army looking for firebloods finds her and is taken to prison she is there a long time eventually is broken out is it for her own good or not is your decision. Some things I liked were the world how there can be such great powers with fire and ice how both can kick each other’s butts  even though one is fire and 1 ice.  Another is rubys work ethic where never gives up at  all even in prison. But some things that drove me insane this book was slow building just like start of grisha series. I’d say why but I’d be spoiling. And lastly at its climax felt could of been better since wasn’t as much action as I thought was going tinge and such. But overall I will read book 2 just to see what happens.  So hopefully when it’s out you can decide for yourself if you like it. 


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