A shadow bright and burning 

1000/5 ***** OH MY BLANKING GOD!!!! This book was sooo freaking fabulous it’s my second fav of the year behind acomaf and will be hard to top it. If you love red queen you will love this book. Just some diffences a are instead of silvers they are pretty much monsters in this book from hell for the evil people. But to say this story starts a girl (Henrietta) in a remote woodsy village. She doesn’t have many friends besides one because he has been touched by one of monsters so he is known as unclean so made second class citizen but he is one of few people who know of her powers reason she hasn’t gotten better job she tries her best to hide it but fails and gets caught so she figures she is dead and will be excutted but nope doesn’t happened and being praised as the chosen one to her surprise. Slowly thru the book you you will see who she trusts and not thru the book some might even surprise you. Some things I liked were absolute loyalty to people she likes and loves straight out with a bang. Another not with book but with cover it’s absolutely gorgeous don’t you think? And the cover has a meaning which i like when they do!!!. Some things I didn’t like which weren’t much was I had no clue who she liked since there were a couple which drove me bonkers so yes it is a love triangle. It’s one thing to sorta like some one but then you don’t but she does this with couple of people so makes me confused on who she likes.  But overall this book is sooooo freaking fabulous and I expect it to be the next fandom if I prey it will be but would not be surprised if it was. 


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