Below- Jason Chabot

Received an arc of this book from Turner Publishing for an honest review

What if you thought you knew what the world below was like and it was all wrong?

Elia lives in Above, a floating mass of land that hovers above the clouds. The moon is cracked, the sun shines bright and she has never experienced rain before. She lives a simple life with barely any food, water packets and spends her day forced to work as a clothes washer. Living in a very simple home with her parents and grandparents and also living to see the day that horses fly and donkeys grow wings.
Mysterious things are happening to people surrounding her and when her jobs were switched from washing inside to drying outside things change for the weirder. A lady shoves a box at her and tells her to guard it with her life, not knowing what to do, she hides it on herself as the commander finds the lady and forces her to tell him where this mystery box is located. When he doesn’t get his answer, he does the unthinkable and Elia starts running for her life and then…………
She falls down…….
down she goes…….
through the clouds……
ears feel the pressure…….
her limbs feel tight……
her heart starts to race…..
and she gently floats to the bottom.
Elia is in for quite the adventure now.

I have so say, this read surprised me. I actually kind of enjoyed it. It wasn’t so science fictioney at first and it draws you in. After Elia falls to the Below that’s when it gets stranger. The main characters are likeable, but not much happens as a background. They develop along a little slow for my taste, but the second book I think will move them along nicely.
Usually me and dystopian novels don’t get along. But I think this would change anyone’s mind. Actually looking forward to picking up the second book, just to see where this is all going and maybe a little love will bloom. A girl can only dream.

3/5 *Stacy*


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