Girl In Pieces-Kathleen Glasgow

“A girl’s life is the worst life in the world. A girl’s life is: you are born, you bleed, you burn.”
Your heart will break and fill with love over Secret Girls story.
Got a copy from BEA Chicago!!!
Self-harm is such a taboo subject and has been written about over and over again to no avail. But this will make you feel the hurt and the devastation of the life of a cutter.
Charlie wakes up in an odd home surrounded by other girls with a similar situation as hers and she clams up. Charlie has bandages over her arms and thighs. She doesn’t talk and stays quiet for a long time before she realizes not everyone is out to destroy her. It takes some coaxing to get her to speak and when she does, she makes friends for a lifetime.
While getting computer privileges for school, she logs into an old email account and messages her good friend Mikey to save her.
Her funds are dwindling and can no longer stay in the house for support and she must venture out into the real world to live a better life than before. With the help of Mikey, she moves to Tuscon, Arizona. There’s not much she can get into in a desert community, besides love.
New town, new experiences and a means to live. She must find a job and it just so happens one falls into her lap and she falls in love.
Men usually wind up ruining everything you thought and hope for. Riley, a musician, and cook for True Grit spots out strange girl and gives her a job washing dishes. He has a big secret too and the two broken people find each other. But their secrets are too much to handle together and it becomes toxic.
What saves Charlie from her life is drawing. it releases stress and makes her remember the bad/good times of her life.
With Mikey away with his band on tour, leads Charlie to continue her toxic relationship with Riley, a user who terrifies Charlie but also makes her heart race.
With them, two together leads Charlie through some things she prayed she would never get into again…..

When you’re broken into pieces you have to pick yourself up and mend back together. In order to do that, you’ll have to want to change.
This is a real eye-opener to people who believe that this is all for attention and for people who want to know more about what travels through someone’s mind as they do devastating things.
An intense story of straight emotion that will make your flesh goose and tears flow heavily. I’m so in love with this story that I’m ready to read this all over again. This is one every parent and teen need to pick up. This is real life, this is what happens when people bully or take advantage of someone. This does not make you a bad person, people need to learn to love one another and stop the hate.
And the greatest line from a book ever…
“The singer splashes his face with a cup of beer, lights a cigarette, throws it into the crowd, and hunches back over the microphone, singing about coyotes and girls and beer and being a garbageman.”

5/5 *Stacy*


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