Caraval by Stephanie garber ****

Caraval is a good book it’s very twisty and 80% of the book you have no idea what will happen and each decision you do comes with a cost. But to start out the book you meet Scarlett who writes to legend and wants to experience caraval like crazy since her grand ma told her all sorts of magical story’s made it seems amazing and beautiful. But every year no response till finally one day she does. But to go she has evade some people since they control her life. Slowly on the voyage she meets people are they helpful or not gotta find out though ;). Some things I loved about this was the mysterious of who legend is and his island even if bad things happen. Another thing can say if you like books won’t know what will happen next this is your book. 

Some things I don’t like but other will is twist and turns having no idea what will happen but I know my co blogger Stacy is exact oppsite and loves twist and turns. Another was I don’t know if book was doing circles but felt something happened but was hard to understand if even helped Scarlett out or not since everything still has you questioning every move you did and if it helped you. 

Gotta say though Stephanie is sooo freaking amazing I met her at ala book convention and hope one day meet her again and responds like crazy to you on Instagram so one of those authors feel can really get to know. 

But this book  with how it was not normally my book I’d usually read but I really really liked it and can’t wait to read book 2 and this read is well worth it. 4.5/ 5 by JUSTIN 


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