Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea!- Ben Clanton


“This is going to be podtastic!”
Received from Netgalley for an honest review.
Walking around BEA Chicago, I was stopped and asked a very serious question… Was I a happy super fantastic Narwhal or a somber jellyfish? A unicorn of the sea, one in a million, a killer horn on my head, I thought as I decided and stars formed in my eyes. I’m a freaking Narwhal and was proudly handed a button which I wore like a badge of honor.
Narwhal the happy Narwhal was swim swim swimming around and stopped in his tracks because he was swimming in new territory. Looking around he spots a creature he has never encountered before. And who shall you be asked the Narwhal? Ugh, I’m a jellyfish… duh!
Are you real they asked each other? Prove it!!
Hmmm… imaginary friends? Yes, thats what they are, but friends none the less.
Pods!! Thats what Narwhals travel in… pods. Time for Jelly and Narwhal to find other sea animals to join their pod.
On another adventure they create magic with their minds and did I mention that they love waffles!
Narwhals are my spirit animals. Unicorns of the sea will rule the world one day.
This is such a cute book and one I will add to my collection.
Not only do you fall in love with Narwhal, you learn some pretty nifty facts about them.
Great read for all!


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