Naked ’76- Kevin Brooks


“I would have looked good, in an elegantly wasted kind of way… I would of looked cool, like I didn’t care… I would of looked rock ‘n’ roll. But I wasn’t.”

Lila is quiet, pretty and plays the piano. At school, shes the loner and doesn’t bother with people much.
Curtis is the school god. Everyone knows him, they want to be him and all the girls want a piece of what he’s offering. Not only does he look good, but he’s in a band. Girls always want what others want and can’t have.
While practicing the piano, Curtis is watching Lila and enjoying every swift note. They start chatting about what other instruments she plays and invites her to his band practice.
And that’s how Curtis and Lila come to be. A coincidence can bring people together and it can tear down the world.
At practice, Curtis shows her a few things and they start jamming. Lila is in and is now part of the band and dating Curtis….
The rhythm guitarist starts his shit and now they are on the hunt for someone who fits. Not coming up with much, that is until William shows up and acts not interetsted and blows them all away.
Lila is struck by how he looks and his eyes that are so intense that shes smitten.
They are now the one and only Naked! They start playing gigs with huge bands like The Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks and even The Clash.
But something about William is throwing off the balance of the band. From missing practices and being secretive, Curtis is envious of this mystery guitar player.
If anyone can break him it’s Lila and thats exactly what she does. He spills just enough about his life that she feels for him and also worries herself into a panic at times.
Curtis the jealous creature that he is.. accuses Lila of being unfaithful and sleeps with the known slut Charlie Brown. He’s falling deeper and deeper into drugs and booze. That’s what bands do, right? He can’t handle himself and goes off the deep end.
Not only does Lila have to deal with his shit, the secretive life of Billy The Kid, but she has a crazy life to deal with… (Read the book suckers and find out)
Love blossoms between Lila and William, it’s a love way different than what she had with Curtis.
The bigger shows they play, the more publicity and record contracts are being offered. And that’s when William starts backing away. (Nope nope nope… Im not giving that one away neither) Pfft! Spolied.
We all have secrets, but nothing like whats in this book. Major mind blowing secrets.
I applaud Brooks for all the extensive research he did for this book. There are so many intricate details to this story that I had to always look this up to make sure that this wasn’t nonfiction and I’m still shocked that it’s not. It throws huge names around and with this story it could have happened.
It’s raw and very powerful. There are so many different sides to being in a band and this is the side no one wants to believe. It’s dirty and provocative.
Really great book for people who want to go back in time and relive the greatest musical time of our lives. It’s so much more than music, it has hate and war of the 70s and brings it all together. A definite read.


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