Dark Matter- Blake Crouch


Received at BEA Chicago and met the author.
      Enjoy The Ride!!!

I’m not a genius by any means and I read a lot. So if I can figure out the ending… you must have went wrong somewhere.
There’s not much to say without giving a lot away.

Jason loves his life and loves his family, but what happens if he chose a different path… would he end up in the same scenario he is now?
While talking about dinner, Jason’s wife tell him to go to the bar and congratulate his friend Ryan on winning an award and do not forget to pick up the ice cream.
On the way home, he feels someone following him. At the last second, a guy tells him to do what he says or else. He follows the directions and they drive to an abandoned building. Swapping clothes and Jason telling him the secrets of his life, this mystery guy injects him with a drug that knocks him out. When Jason wakes up he’s being pushed on a gurney in a strange place…. Let the games begin!!

A mysterious thrill-ride the readers will enjoy. For a nerd like me, I figured out the end and wasn’t surprised or even shocked at the end. We all knew where this is going. I think for people who don’t figure this out will enjoy the ride with every bump, twist, and turn.


Quick reminder, Never trust yourself!


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