Catacomb- Madeleine Roux

Spooky Ghost shit Y’all!!!

Catacomb made me sad. Not like I’m going to cry sad, more like this is it tantrum sad. Wasn’t as mysterious and my least favorite in the series.
Dan, Abby, and Jordan are still the same and dealing with the same ghost dealies that they have always dealt with, but now they are in the big easy.
Jordan is moving to New Orleans to live with his Uncle Steve as he spreads his wings and prepares for college life, minus the things that go bump in the night (Ghosts… boo!!)
Dan and Abby decide to travel with his as one last hurrah and to finally start having some fun. But we all know that there wouldn’t be another book if something didn’t pop up and scare the pants off of these pesky kids!
One night Dan gets a facebook message…. from Micah (Not everyone lose their shit at once). We all know Micah, the crazy kid who Dan watched die in the previous book. He keeps sending Dan messages about what to be alert about and to watch their backs. As they travel from city to city and state to state, Dan feels like he is finally figuring out who his parents were and how they lived their lives.
Abby lets the cat out of the bag and decides not to start college right away and stands firm with pursuing her career in photography. With each new place, comes disturbing pictures and a rich history of all things morbid.
We all know they dig a little too deep and get themselves caught in something they could have avoided if they minded their own business. But Noooo!!! They can’t leave well enough alone.
Once in New Orleans and having a great time. They sneak and they pest and the Bone Artists are now on the hunt for that fabulous pinky finger… (Yum yum)
How will they ever deal with these apparitions and all these bones? (Faints) The horror!

This one was the worst one out of the bunch and my rating is being very generous. We all know that this isn’t the end and maybe it should have ended with the second one, not counting the short stories.
Adventure my ass, nosy little shits!


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