Uncovering Officer Smith- Sheena Hutchinson

“His eyes speak to my soul. I lose control when I raise my head and see him; it’s as though I can’t breathe.”
Received an E-Arc for an honest review.

This is the first book that I’ve ever read by Sheena. This brings the captivating officer John Smith into the picture. For all of you who have read Discovering April and craved more of this mysterious cop, now’s your chance to get your fill. After reading this story, it makes me want to pick up Discovering April to learn more about what made Smithy who he is in this story and we do some uncovering… oh yes we do!!

Becca comes from a rich family but does things on her own. Going to college on a full scholarship and is solely focused on school. She doesn’t let parties or even drop dead gorgeous guys get in her way. Her roommate Meggie is the complete opposite. Going to parties and bringing home different men almost every night. And that’s how Becca gets her social fill.
John Smith (come on!) is a police officer for Angelica NY police department by day and a bouncer at The Bar by night. With the occasional knight in shining armor. Oh! Let me not forget the best part…. The bachelor womanizer who is with a different woman every night. Best friend, Bedford (also Beccas brother… hold for gasps) helps him pick up more ladies.
Meggie drags Becca out to the bar and as soon as they walk through the door, Becca is left alone. She’s approached by two guys and they hit it off. Smithy is manning the door that night and can’t keep his eyes off of Becca.
After Becca accepts the drink from those two guys, she starts to feel woozy and blacks out. As those guys are dragging her out the back door, John comes and saves the day and takes her to the hospital. When Becca wakes she’s startled by not realizing where she is. John saved the day and promised to let her know if they catch those bastards who drugged her.
They part ways and don’t think anything of each other until…. Ford throws a party that they are both invited to.
Walking into the party, Becca wants to go back to studying. Ford introduces her to his friend and what the hell do you know? They meet again. Smithy with his eyes that make her knees weak.
Beer pong leads to staying the night and Becca and Smithy wind up sleeping together. Not that…. yet.
Smithy is not one to be in a committed relationship and Ford threatens John about staying away from his sister or else.
But forbidden fruit always tastes the greatest.
Becca is changing John and for the better. He doesn’t even look at another girl after he met her. And their crazy hookups turn into meaningful romance.
Ford finds out and forbids John from ever seeing Becca. John cuts ties with Becca that destroys her. She loses focus in school and goes out partying every night which scares her best friend and next dorm neighbor. Which goes from booze to drugs in an instant.
John and Becca think about one another constantly, but Becca is still clueless about the threats.
What will be Beccas last straw?

I didn’t think that I was going to enjoy this as much as I did. Certain situations made me gasp and left me shocked. Love can be a devious mistress and can tear two people apart. You will be drawn in from page one and the going back and forth between Becca and John with each chapter makes you tear through this story to find out what the perspective. It’s way different than what I’m used to reading, but I really enjoyed this and look forward to reading more by this author.


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