Die Young With Me- Rob Rufus

“No Mary Chapin Carpenter record ever inspired someone to fight for a few extra push-ups.”
Received this at BEA Chicago thanks to my blogging partner JT. (Thanks!)For all of you guys who don’t know who Rob Rufus is he’s not the old religious man that is a god freak, he the gorgeous punk that will steal your heart and make you sweat…. (Sorry Trent.. *wink*)

Being punk doesn’t mean that you have to dress a certain way, have piercings or even have tattoos. It’s the way you think and the way you live. Not giving into the conformity of whatever you want to call this world that we live and breathe. And I’m not a punk by a long shot, but I am an asshole…. if that counts (high-fives self)

From a very early age, you can tell that Rob was different from the pack, the way he wrote about himself makes you think he was the brown grass in the lushes green meadow. And not a single fuck was given.
Growing up, him and his brother were attached at the hip, buying records from the local music shop and listening to the rock that made America. Visiting family for a reunion opened their eyes to a bigger world and made them who they are today. And the heavens opened up, the sun shone down on the turntable and God made it rain punk! It was loud, it was in your face and it made your face bleed and they were hooked.
Nat went home, burned all their wussy albums and got band equipment. Time to form DOA and kill it.
Rob, however, was living two lives, one with the band and one with cancer. Everything he did made him weak and cough and none of the doctors cared or could figure it out. And guess what? It took a woman to find it out. (Praise) And the diagnosis was severe. He had a mass growing in his chest and he would need hardcore chemo and surgery.
Having cancer made him lose everything he was and wanted to do, but it did not trample his spirit. He toughed it out with chemo treatments and building his strength back up.
No one really sure if he would survive. With having a great support team of family and friends strengthen the mood and help chances of survival.
Once you think it’s done, it’s not over. Nothing is ever over.

Rob’s story will open your eyes and show you that cancer affects everyone, not just the people they want you to see. It can not only destroy the person who has cancer, but it can destroy friendships, families, and even your career.
It can make people feel alienated and destroy the love of family.
In this case, I think it made them bond stronger in the end. I mean, he didn’t end up with his punk rock girl but look at where he is now. I think he did pretty damn well for a kid in his situation. Those things can only make you stronger if you want it to.
For lovers of Punk, skateboarding in suburbia or even a kickass memoir, you will not be disappointed by Rob’s story. It will shed light on a dark subject that no one wants to talk about.

“would you deny me if i stayed for awhile
you were such a righteous righteous righteous
rocking desperate child”

5/5 *Stacy*

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