Red Queen- Victoria Aveyard

“I see a world on the edge of a blade. Without balance, it will fall.”
Red Queen is our One Book One Summer here at the library and I thought since I picked it, that I should read it.
People have been telling me that it’s the best one we have picked so far, so I decided to pick it up.
With all the hype, I was a bit disappointed.
It was slow going and didn’t really pick up speed until the last hundred pages. But when that hit it, you will be shocked and surprised at the twists. And all you can think of is Maven and how much of a shit he is.

Mare was raised as a red in the reds village, which is more like a dilapidated shack fortress. Her male siblings are all at a useless war that they all wish would end. Mare is a great thief and always comes back with things for her family.
Until she tries to pick-pocket someone who catches her and she doesn’t recognize him. He turns out to be the prince of Silvers and future king.
They chat and he pities her giving her more money and saving her life from the war.
He gets her a job at the Silver “castle”.
During an event for girls to win the hearts of the two princes, she falls into a pit and doesn’t know is she’ll survive. But….. she can create lightning and that winds up saving her life that day.
A red who has the powers of a Silver, but with something that’s so rare as to create. The King and Queen make her a deal and force her hand to marry Maven, but what she wants is Cal… the older brother who saved her from imminent death.
Sexual tension plus deceiving would always win out every day, except with this one.
Ties are cut, lies are made and now the conniving can begin…..

Someone needs to spoil the entire next book for me. I just need Maven to slowly suffer.

Also, I shouldn’t have laughed so hard at this, but it went from dangerous to porno.
“I shudder to think of the strength in Cal’s pinkie finger.”

3/5  *Stacy*




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