Untouchable: The Cocktail Party: Part 1 of Book 1

Noooo, Satan, Noooo!
Whatever you do and want to read this book, please…. I’m begging you to not read the back of the book. It makes no sense. I had my husband look at it and we were both confused and that’s not how I want to feel with a book like this and we all know what I’m saying (Wink!) (Disgusted face) (Shifty eyes)

Siri is a dancer who currently works in Vegas, but a family emergency brings her back to L.A. (Lower Alabama). While here, she takes a temp job as a boring old secretary and lives a normal boring life, but with a pole in the living room (Puh-lease)
While coming home from work one day, she spots this “Golden God” (If I wanted mythology, I’d stick with Percy Jackson)
And don’t you know… (Sarcasm) that they are crazy for one another. (circles finger in the air) This sexual tension…. cut it with that freaking knife already.
Side story steps away and out comes the invitation of a lifetime (snorts)
Her boss invites her to a cocktail party and she accepts, but with limits and she sets them out. This is definitely not a date and don’t think otherwise.
When they get there, Siri finally learns all about this party and no, baby, no.
But she plays along and teaches them a thing or two. Siri’s saga is not over, but it is for me.

I met J.K. at Bookcon in Chicago and she’s the sweetest person you could ever imagine. This pains me to say that this book irritated the shit out of me. With the continuous use of certain words that will drive you crazy (bonkers crazy) and the layout of this “erotic” tale will turn you off.
Throughout the story, you sit here and ponder that maybe this isn’t a fake story at all. Hmm… this might be here tale with a few things changed here and there.
Her secret double life as a dancer and swinger… Perhaps!?
I didn’t enjoy this at all, I found myself laughing through the entire book and I know that wasn’t her intent.
Alas, Siri’s adventure comes to an end and I wish her nothing but misery!

2/5 stars because it made me laugh so hard


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