The Last Boy and Girl in the World-Siobhan Vivian

“You and I can be the silver lining of this super-shitty cloud.”


Found my scuba gear and we are now on our way back to Aberdeen….
With a population of 17,00 and the home of Kurt Cobain, we have a look back at what was known as Aberdeen.
Keeley and Morgan are best friends all throughout life, their moms are the same exact way.
Morgan’s dad left not that long ago and now it’s just her and mom.
Keeley’s parents are still together, but dad is not what he used to be, after an accident that made one of his legs stiff and not bend. He wastes his days away searching online forums and reading the latest news.
Which means all of the bills fall on the shoulders of mom.
Morgan befriends Elise who she met at a church function and now the duo turns into a trio.
Keeley feels like Elise is wedging her way between her and Morgan. Like they say, misery loves company…..
For the longest time Keeley is in love with Jesse, but she never actually does anything about it… until storms are continuing to hit Aberdeen and floods sections of the area. Making Aberdeen a disaster area. Stacking sandbags will forever change Keeley’s life, for what we all believe to be the better.
While stacking sandbags, Keeley makes an inappropriate joke to Jesse about Levi. Levi… The kid who’s going places and cranks it to the school policy manual. (squirt squirt)
That brings this terrible situation to a way to make everyone’s life funnier.
Keeley and Jesse fall head over heels and are the talk of everyone’s life in town.
With impending dangerous flooding storms heading their way, the state decides to buy out all of the citizens houses and have them relocate.
That won’t happen when big bad dad steps in and sticks his nose in the business of the town. His family has deep history in town and won’t let it be destroyed.
Little by little the towns people start to relocate and dad spends his days starting a rebellion and repairing peoples houses free of cost.
With more storms comes dangerous flooding…..
What will happen to the town of Aberdeen? Will a friendship survive devastation? Will the Jesse/Keeley love story continue? Will Levi go places?
I won’t say, you’ll have to read it (Sticks out tongue)
Hahaha, I know I’m an asshole…. deal with it.

I really loved this book, it touches on a very serious subject without it destroying your soul.
When you read a book like this you want it to end a certain way and it didn’t end with what I imagined, but it ended in a way that I didn’t see coming. Bravo! You stumped this book crazy nerd. (Ask Trent, he’ll fill you in on how much I read)
This really makes you think about what would you do in a situation like this. In times of need, you must be a friend and help out when you can and that’s really not what Keeley did.
In a world full of Keeley’s, be yourself!

Pictures found on google. Thanks Lauren Conrad Bookclub ——–~~~~~ STACY


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