Confess- Colleen Hoover


People claim that Hoover is the greatest white girl on the planet and they just go on and on and on. (Eye roll) So while out on an Ecto Cooler hunt (couple cities and still no damn drink), we stopped at BN. Seen this on sale and thought I’d give this white girl a go.
And after reading this, I’m craving more.
My mind has been blown away and this had my emotions twisted and I’m pretty sure I was a dick to lots of people. (Okay, I know I’m an asshole, but I probably was a mega one) (Eh, grow a pair)
It starts on a sad note and let me tell you… I was tearing up at page one (Don’t make me look soft now) Auburn is saying goodbye to her boyfriend Adam whos in bis deathbed. They are fifteen years old and are dealing with a traumatic experience that no one that young should have to go through.
All of a sudden shes older, about to turn 21 and is now residing in Dallas. Living with a horror movie freak as a roommate and working as a cosmotologist (Haircutter as we normies call them) 
Walking home she sees a sign for someone hiring, but the windows have paper on them and as shes looking on, she meets someone that will change her life forever.


Owen is the artist looking for help and when he sees Auburn he knows her, but its not his place to say why (Your heart will break when you find out).
Owen makes her an offer to work just that night for two hrs and she can’t turn that down.
His art will open your eyes and with each painting comes an anonymous confession.
That night becomes the best day of their lives and there’s no looking back.
With falling love comes heartbreak, jealousy and redemption.
Secrets are revealed, paintings come to life and families grow stronger.
This book had it all with my heartstrings being pulled. It had me up and down and you never know where Auburns life will lead.
I can’t say much more about this without spoiling a lot.
My suggestion is picking this up if you haven’t. I’m late on the Hoover train and I’m not coming off. (Except if I get thrown like Momma)
Pure perfection!


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