Furthermore- Tahereh Mafi


“I feel like my entire life is just a story I tell myself.”
Received at BEA Chicago!!!

I know my review will piss off alot of you, but guess what? You want the truth and most of y’all  won’t be able to handle all this (points at self)….
Mafi is super sweet and gorgeous and you always amaze me, but your book suuuccckked!!!
Yes! Whatever! Don’t argue! Hey now! Don’t get nasty!
Are you guys hissing at me?

Mafi writes with such a beautiful purpose that you can’t shy away from. Her words flow like the wind and touches your soul.
But let’s get real for a second (turns hat backwards, pulls out chair and sits in it the wrong way so my arm rests on the back)
You don’t ever and I mean ever mess with Alice in Wonderland. You will always lose. And girl!! Don’t make me go there.

Now let’s travel to a place called Ferenwood where Alice is forced to care for her Mom and younger siblings. Shes always getting the shorter ends of things. Her dad is missing and it’s Alice’s duty to pick up where he left off. (Run girl)
On her 12th birthday, she has to surrender her talent and see what task they put her on to complete. Instead of using what shes good at, all she does is dance and it doesn’t look good.
Oliver, the smart ass who called her names is on a quest and asks for Alice’s assistance. Once she learns her own fate and finds out what Oliver is set to do. She makes up her mind and travels to Furthermore to help find dear old papa.
Such a strange place with all these rules and regulations.
On the hunt for her father, they run into paper foxes, weird towns and even fancy cannibals who just want to nibble on your flesh a wee bit. ( Tastes like chicken)
Arms are ripped off and time was stolen. And don’t you know it…. everything is wrapped into a neat little package at the end. Praise the gods of non-suspense ( sarcasm kids) (wink)

I was highly let down by this flop. Who knew that something so adventurous could destroy your hopes.
What it has going for it is the cover, absolutely stunning and the synopsis.
Can we also gush over how she dedicated her book to Ransom.
But when combined into a whole, it dissolves into a muddy mess and we all know how I feel about mud.
It saddens me that I wished Alice would keep on falling and thats how it ended, but instead it got joyful. Yuck! Next!!!!


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