What light jay Asher 

Omg loved loved loved this book!!!! It’s by far one of my fav reads of 2016.  This I could see being made into a hallmark special minus a few changed towards the ending. But this story is ironic since I read a quarter of this Christmas book on a middle of a lake on a raft with it being 90 out. 


So just think myself middle of this on a raft X).  

Reason I loved this book is because I fan of all things Christmas espcially all the love stories and comedy love stories around that time. To say also this is my first book from jay Ashton so had no clue if wold like his writing. But onto finally what the book is about starts off Sierra since she was little is every year starting thanksgiving she leaves her town and friends in Oregon to go help her family sell tree’s for Christmas. But the this possiably could be there last year doing it since not making enough money any more. While one day Sierra meets Caleb at the farm and slowly thru bumping each other on the tree farm get know each other but can Sierra get Caleb to open up since a old past event keeps haunting him. In October when this book comes out is when you can figure out but if want a extremely cute Christmas book this is way to go, just like I will be every Christmas season read this book.

100/5 stars 



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