What Light- Jay Asher Review #2

Reveived at BEA Chicago!!!
For people wanting a book just like his first, thats not what you’re going to get. It’s best if you just forget that exists and try to enjoy this for what it is.
And frankly my dears, I wasn’t all that impressed.
Sierra’s family has a christmas tree farm in Oregon, but closer to Thanksgiving they go to California to sell those precious trees.
She overhears her parents talking and this might be the last year for the Christmas trees. Its been a family tradition and soon they might have to give it up due to lack of funds. While her best friends in Oregon are excited, Sierra is not. She loves keeping this tradition alive.
Her best friend in California doesn’t like that this might be it for the farm either. So, she wants to make it the year Sierra has a Christmas fling.
All the guys that hit on Sierra… get the worse end of the stick when good old dad is around and they get toilet duty.
That is until Caleb (bad boy winking) buys tree after tree from her lot. Sierra is totally smitten…. that is until Calebs secret is revealed.

This book was okay for what it was, but predictable as all hell.
When Sierras mom and dad find out the truth about Caleb, they don’t act how normal parents would act. No one will be that calm with this. This gives false hope to all those future daters in the universe. Parents aren’t always so chill.
When a book is predictable, I usually tend to shy away. But for fans of love and forgiveness…. you’ll fall in love and want your own magical tree boy with dimples.


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