Unnatural Deeds- Cyn Balog


Received this at BEA Chicago!

On the back of this book it states it has an ending that readers won’t see coming. And me being who I am… fully acceptes that challenge. My mind started to race with a million different ideas and I thought I found my answer. It was way waaayyy off. That ending will blow your freaking mind. My brain is running over this ending a mile a minute, pure freaking brilliance.

Victoria has anxiety and is new to St. Anns school. She’s extremely shy and piles on the pills just to make it through the day. Her next door boyfriend, Andrew has agoraphobia and never leaves his house. They have been together since they were kids. Their love is unbreakable. That is until….
Zachary, the other new student at St. Anns and he grabs everyone’s attention. The students and facility stick to him like glue. He gets what he wants…. always. His eyes are windows to the soul (Trust me, what you guess about him will be completely and utterly wrong)
When Vic lays eyes on Z, she’s his for the win.
The loves becomes a sort of fascination and which turns from childish crushes to scary obsession.
Throughout Vic tries to dig apart Z’s brain to figure him out and he does the same with her.
As this plays along, rumors start and school kids get petty.
The truth will emotionally destroy all in its path….
Then that twist freaking ending…. Holy Mother Of God!!! Don’t trust anyone!!!

This book gave me goosebumps throughout. Still shocked at that ending that I couldn’t figure out. Totally at a loss for words….
While reading this you become fully engaged and lose all thought of surroundings.
A book that must to added to your tbr or else you’ll regret it!


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