Our chemical hearts ****

Start off by saying bY saying this day photo was taken was perfect a day off and drinking a nice iced mint cappchino at my fav coffee shop . 

This book was ok. But what is about is a guy (Henry) he is really dorky and only girl he has kissed was his best friend who ended up being a lesbian so besides that he has no love interests till he meets grace. And at first no attraction at all since she limps, she dresses like a guy and anything like that. But don’t really meet till he is sorta forced to work with grace since there teacher made both of them part of school news paper, so that’s where this whole story starts up with a odd ball of a girl. And a guy. Somethings I liked by this is a lot of modern tv shows/ books involved like my fav Harry Potter. Which ehem in a professor umbridge voice Stacy does not like tsk tsk. And thanks to these I was laughing like crazy at my coffee shop. Another thing I liked Henry is such a romantic it’s crazy cute.  Ok onto fully the SPOILERS ;). AHEM write down I must not tell lies. Ok well no spoilers that was a lie. But you should read it if interested in dorky romance  with a extremely odd ball girl which you’ll learn why. 4/5 stars. ——~~~~~~ JUSTIN 


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