The Sun Is Also A Star- Nicola Yoon

“Perfect and beautiful misery”
“A voice stretched so thin with loneliness and wanting that it should break”
Natasha is a teen making her way through New York and trying to save her family from being deported. As a young girl, her family immigrated to the states from Jamacia for a better life. Well, a better life for her head in the clouds father. They live in a very tiny one bedroom apartment and they are trying to make ends meet. While drunk, her dad gets pulled over and blabs to the cop about being illegal in the country and that leads to the deportation of her entire family. This life is all she knows and is on the hunt for someone who can save her.
Daniel is a Korean American that believes in fate and love at first site. He is always living in the footsteps of his older brother until his brother gets suspended from the most prestigious college there is. Now all this weight will be placed on Daniel’s shoulders. His dad wants only the best for him, wants him to go to the best college and become a doctor, but Daniel has other views for the future. He wants to be a poet, poor in money… rich in words.
The future of these two change when fate brings them together on the day that will change their lives forever.
Will the love of these two flawed characters change for the better? Or will this one day of love and fight bring their worlds crashing down around them?

Such a heartbreakingly beautiful read. Nicola Yoon writes with such passion and wanting that it’s hard to turn away. The love that blooms makes you want to venture out into the world for your one shot at incredible love.

“Dark matter is love. It’s the attracting force”



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