The Girls- Emma Cline


“Your home is where you’re happy
It’s not where you’re not free
Your home is where you can be what you are
‘Cause you were just born free”
– Charles Manson
Received a signed copy at BEA Chicago.
Evie is 14 years old living in California with her mom. A divorce separates her parents, dad moves away to a tiny apartment and forgets his daughter exists.
She lives a pretty normal life until a day in the park in 1969. The season of love and flowers. She lays eyes on Suzanne, a beautiful dark haired woman who oozes self-confidence. Evie thinks thats the last she’ll see of this gorgeous mystery woman…. but she is sooo wrong.
A desperate attempt to leave her mom’s house leads her right in the arms of Suzanne and the ranch. Suzanne is hesitant to welcome Evie into the family but lets it happen. You can’t deny Russell what he wants.
Evie does everything to make her new “family” happy and even steals money from her mom for them. Things go from weird to worse as things start to get dark and spooky.
If you know the story of Charles Manson and family…. then you know this story. Some key components have changed but the shell of the story is still there.
It was an interesting twist to a tale Ive read multiple times. Some questions you will have to answer yourself, but its things that won’t keep you up at time.
Emma crawls through the mind of a follower and feeds her outcome and thoughts to the world. It makes you feel what Evie feels after the media tells the horrible story.
I think this book is fantastic for Manson lovers and people just getting to know his story.
And remember you’re restless as the wind!



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