Swindle- Gordon Korman

Our first-ever One Book One Summer for kids at the library and I had to read it to help with the fun little scavenger hunt that we are going to have.

Griffin is a kid just like every other normal kid except for that fact that his family is broke. His dad quit his job to work on his latest invention and it’s costing his family their home.
They get word of the Old Rockford House being demolished and they plan on staying there one night in the haunted old place.
The plan falls through and the only two that show up are Griffin and Ben.
Ben is the first to fall asleep, so Griffin goes on a tour. He stumbles across an old desk and finds a very rare Babe Ruth card from the twenties.
In the morning, they go to Palomino’s Emporium to find out what the card is actually worth. The price of this could help out Griffins family in a huge way. Palomino tells the kids it’s worthless, but buys it off from them for $120 and they split the price.
Come to find out later in the day that the card is extremely rare and could go for over a million dollars. Palomino is holding a very high bid auction for the card. Now Griffin is out to seek what is truthfully his.
With plots and schemes, he tries to get what belongs to him without getting arrested.
The book was interesting and inventive with the ways they decided to get back what belonged to them.
The only thing that got me was how no one got in trouble for breaking and entering. And a sale is a sale, no matter what happens.
If the outcome for the thieves were any different this would have been  reality, but since it went smoothly for almost everyone it takes away from the final thought.
To any kid, this would be genius and clever, but to adults who know better…. meh!



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