A walk in the sun by Michelle Zink *****

Just compleated this book was hoping finish the Raven boys but I don’t think i will. But this  book was oh so good I loved it a lot. Starts off with rose Darrow pretty much graduated high school and is forced to take care of the farm since her mother died, and her dad is soo depressed he doesn’t do anything. So to help out roses aunt Marty hires a guy (Bodi) to help out since hard for rose to do it all. But rose is not happy at first and down right not nice “first time they met” advice she gets from him she can’t stand. And as said to people on the bookcon app it feels like the longest ride with out a old man telling a story and instead of guy being a rancher both are so understand the same job. 5/5 stars —–~~~~ JUSTIN 


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