Rochester teen book festival

Well while was at bea/ bookcon to make up I went to Rochester teen book festival and let me say was amazing!!! Met so many authors. Examples are Suzanne young, Jeff zentner, Rachel Hawkins,Ellen Hopkins, The author of speak, Ridley Pierson, Jessica spotswood, Jessie Andrews just to name a few. But to say to start of the trip was very grueling 6 hours each way from where I am at in nj. And I was doing this all on 2 hours sleep. So equals tons of caffein like was 3 energy drinks and 3 coffee’s in total and was needed on way up since there was fog and got so bad to a point couldn’t see and stopped in time with hard break but almost crashed into a flipped gasoline rigg spilling gas as got there and smashed car on its back. Luckly everyone was ok with no injuries some how miraculously. But yea rest of day there got to meet and chill with my social media friend Julie who blogs  And her friend navy was there so all chatted a lot oth yallfest <3. And so I don’t forget person who tagged along and one of my great book friends is Jennifer and her blog is abellafairytale.  And by far greatest thing gotta say I met my doppelgänger he is a illustrater named  kory merrit and when he was up with authors for talent show or truth or dare he saw and thought exact same thing and wanted come chat but held off. But either or went to his signing and gotta say we do look a like and same dorky smile and few other things. 

So yea we look very much alike don’t you think. And Stacy is saying a lot now where is my twin. Well that’s my blog for now I’m really trying to finish Ivory and bone which debuts on June 7th.    —–~~~~ JUSTIN


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