Bookcon…. The One & Only


Bookcon has been raved about so many times and when I got here I didn’t know what to say. Nothing at all like BEA. The lines were ridiculous and getting autograph bands… pissed a lot of people off.
I mean, if you have rules then make everyone follow them.
Talked to quite a few people who left before this began because of the lack of dishonesty and the ticketed events.
And here come the water works.
On the plus side, this happened…



And then here came the signatures


Had to promise not to get them tattooed on.
What I noticed was there are a lot more things to buy instead of large arc drops. And if you found an arc drop, you best to protect yourself. These people are ruthless.
Let’s not forget the highlight… (sound the trumpet)


Jessika Klide… here and in the flesh. Talk about a sweetheart. We chatted and then took this fun pic.
The crowds were interesting, people were rude and things got weird.
Line cutters need to go elsewhere. We are all booknerds, we should love one another and not try to outbeat the rest.
Let’s hope that Bookcon is better because its back in NY for two days.
I need whiskey and stat.


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