BEA Day 3…. The Final Countdown


Hello McCormick place my only friend. Here we are the last official day of BEA 2016. I have to say… what a haul what a haul.
Since I had limited space for packing, I didn’t pick up as much as the other two days. I went to what I really wanted. Even had time for some big name hauls….


Ummm, Yes… you are seeing that correctly. Some of the hottest books of BEA. Sometimes you have to be ruthless to get what you want and I used karma to meet Sabaa Tahir.


Such an amazing lady and she even told me her most embarassing story, but I’ll never tell.


And this post card says it all. Emily is not foolin’ around.
I stood in some very long lines and needed a break at the VIP lounge..


Nothing fancy here. Move it along….
Todays haul wasnt that huge in numbers, but I got all the books I wanted.


I’m sad to say goodbye to BEA, but bring on thebookcon.
Happy Friday and I hope to see you book nerds tomorrow.
Love, A very tired book nerd


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