BEA 2016- Day 2



I thought I was tired yesterday, that doesn’t even come close to what I feel today. My back, my feet and my poor bruised shoulders. Word of advice… never wear a backpack thats packed with 30+ books.


Backpack say what!!?
Walking around the showroom floor, random drops and huge author signings… you think you need it all. And you don’t. Take the things that you’ll really read. That way you don’t have to carry a heavy suitcase or pay the crazy shipping costs at the convention center… (pssst…. 41$ just to touch your box)


Ransom Riggs anyone? He was super sweet and asked me a lot about myself. I was in heaven.


Batdog…. why not. You’ll never know what you’ll see while walking around.
Meeting Heather Graham was interesting. She talked about my beautiful eyes and then that went into my chest… hilarious.


Nicole Curtis was amazingly nice and even commented on me being a Narwhal… thats an entire different conversation. She even drew me a little picture. Fabulous.


Greatest drop of the day!!!!!
BEA is amazing fun and exhausting. I met some interesting people and picked up some great books. Miles and miles of inside walking… stay hydrated.
Oh… oh… oh and lets not forget the Champagne


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