Orange Is The New Black- Piper Kerman


More like Grey Took Over!!!
Orange Is The New Black is a shocking read and not in the sense that you will take it in. It sounds all so sugar coated.
At times I felt like she was bragging about having blonde hair and blue eyes, like she was getting away with everything.
This is a story about how stupid decisions in your past can catch up to you and change your life… for what you think is the worst and it winds up helping you grow as a person, friend and a wife.
Piper delivered drug money from traveling from airport to airport and ten years later got caught. Ding…ding…ding…. Federal Prison anyone?
Her prison life seemed almost normal compared to other prison stories. She made friends and had one of the best times of her life. Wait!? Is that prison? Or white privilege?
I can’t just wrap my head around her whole situation. Interesting to see her tale of a different life, but it doesn’t make me want to watch the show.
I’m glad she got her life together and wanted to tell her tale, just not something I would recommend for the autobio lover.
☆☆☆/ 5


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